How to do snake bites?

2011-01-01 at 09:48 am hugege

Snakes have fangs and venom, mostly triangular head, neck, smaller, short thick tail, more bright spots, the teeth longer. Bitten by poisonous snakes, and can be found in the affected area 2-4 large, deep teeth marks, local pain.
Was no snake bites, and generally have two rows of “eight”-shaped teeth marks. Small and shallow, lined, no significant wound pain. Of the moment can not be determined, they should be dealing with snake bites.
1. Local self-help or mutual help immediately, do not panic, run, that would speed up the absorption and diffusion of toxins.
2. Immediately with a belt, cloth belts, handkerchiefs, ropes and other objects at a distance of 3-5 cm where the wound bundle tied to slow the rate of diffusion of toxin. 20 minutes every 2-3 minutes to be relaxed in order to avoid limb necrosis.
3. Wash the wound with water, washed with normal saline or potassium permanganate solution better. At this point, if there are fangs left to pull out.
4. After washing the wound with a sterile or clean the blades, connecting the two fang marks as the center to do “ten”-shaped incision, the incision should not be too deep, as long as the discharge cut to the skin can make the poison.
5. Able to do so, you can use cupping or recurrent breast pump suction wound, suck out the venom. Mouth suction may also be an emergency, but the smoke must not ulcerated mouth, spit venom after full mouth. After absorption, temperature and apply to the wound to facilitate the continued outflow of venom.
6. Can be lit match, burning wounds, destruction of venom.
7. Consumption of various types of Yi Yao as soon as possible, 24 hours after the bite medication is invalid. Can also be used to warm water or saliva into a paste tablets, coated in 2 cm around the wound, the wound will not wrap.
8. After treatment, should be immediately sent to a nearby hospital.

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