How to do dog bites?

2011-01-01 at 09:49 am hugege

Dog bites on people great harm, because the dog’s teeth growth of various bacteria and viruses can easily invade the body through wounds, causing disease and even cause death caused by cold. If you are bitten by a mad dog, but also caused by the rabies virus, rabies cause mortality rate is very high. Therefore, the dog bites must not underestimate the need to take urgent measures:
1. Under normal circumstances it is difficult to distinguish mad dog bites, so once bitten by a dog, all should be mad dog bite treatment.
2. Dog bites, the wound should be dealt with immediately, the first tie a tourniquet above the wound (use handkerchiefs, ropes and other alternative), to prevent or reduce the virus with the blood flow to the body.
3. Quickly with clean water or soapy water wash the wound thoroughly clean the wound. Do not bandage on the wound.
4. Quickly taken to hospital for treatment, within 24 hours of injection of rabies vaccine and tetanus antitoxin.

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