How to begin martial arts

2011-01-01 at 09:33 am hugege

One should pay attention to basic skills training

Rooting depth is flourished in the height of the base solid. Firmer foundation will have a direct impact on technical levels.

Basic skills of martial arts, martial arts people demonstrated staff’s basic activity is the strength, speed, flexibility, endurance and quick comprehensive reflection of physical fitness. For this basic ability, often referred to basic skills training or basic training. Constitute the basic training covers the shoulder, arm, waist, legs and other parts of the exercises, as well as unique hand-based martial arts programs, techniques, step form, footwork, body type, agility, jumping, balance, roll or flutter and other exercises.

Solid basic skills required to get through the long-term training, and requested the process be done in the practice of “serious, rigorous and consistent.” Seriously, is to focus, ideology is not dispersed; strict action is necessary to strictly follow the specifications, requirements, meticulously practiced; always, is to maintain the continuity of training and can not stop when the training time. Solid basic skills, the technical basis for further improvement.

Second, to find out the specifications and requirements for action

No rules, can not be a radius. No action specifications, it is impossible to practice good martial arts.

Beginners, the first to note the correct posture, motor coordination, according to action specifications and requirements to practice, not anxious. If you have not grasped the action specifications, requirements and essentials for the pursuit of fast, blind force, once formed the error action is very difficult to correct later, saying boxing is called “easy to learn boxing punches hard to change.” For example, a forward flat learning boxing moves, you should find out first is, body straight, Chen Jian, vertical entry requirements and other parts of the body and movement, line, and mastery of the waist along the shoulder to the waist driven rotation of the two boxing exercise, in repeated practice on the basis of relaxation, such as skilled movements, and then accelerate hard, action to correct. Conversely, if one wanted to start fast, then they often result in stiff, not smooth illnesses such as impulsive. The lack of coordination, the body can not relax the muscles relax, tension is not tight, even though subjectively think fast, but in fact is not up soon.
Captures the essentials of action specifications, equivalent to seize the key to martial arts. Out of 10 routines in the competition, which accounted for 6 action points score specifications. Demonstration of the importance of action specifications.

Third, find out the meaning of offensive and defensive action.

Specifications in the master action, based on the need to ascertain the meaning of offensive and defensive action. Because the offense and defense are the main features of martial arts, such as do not know how offensive and defensive, will lose the special nature of martial arts. A type of martial arts Meiyi Zhao basic content is offensive, and started around the offense and defense and endless change.

Offensive and defensive characteristics based on martial arts, we should pay attention to the beginners to understand and master the usage of each action. Such as “hug the left hand lunge punch the right fist,” learning to learn from the hug hand, punching a fist to the end of the offensive and defensive use of the whole process, that is, when the other party from the left red boxing come to me, I hug the left hand grasping Zeyi The arm band to the back, while the other’s chest hit the red part of the right fist. Another example is fencing in the “left wrist flower”, at first glance seems to be no use, is not the case, this means that the other armed movements in the lower to hit me, I use the sword down, left or right to call each other equipment, and homeopathy, progressive, forward hack attack each other.
Understand the meaning of offensive and defensive actions, learners can more easily understand the main points of action, so that every action has a specific and purpose. If you do not understand the meaning of action, although the drill’s speed, appearance beauty, but only study of its form without its God, not the taste of martial arts. Only by understanding the usage of each action can be justified moving, transport of the law, both divine form. Beginners can not be ignored.

Fourth, we must accurately grasp the characteristics of style

We learn the process of boxing and equipment to accurately grasp the characteristics of the different style of project, it does not result in things all the “string of the taste.”
Such as the fist, to know the characteristics of the style, it is a stretch position, movement flexible, fast and powerful, the rhythm was, and channeling jump jump, flash development maneuvers, turning and rolling movements such as roll or flutter boxing. The style of Tai Chi Long Boxing distinct characteristics and unique demonstration of soft, slow, calm, light and agile, and moves round live, always with the arc, before and after in motion throughout, and continual, like the line of clouds flowing. Taijiquan is not difficult to see the fist and the characteristics of the style on the significant difference. In the device, since the structure is different, using different methods and style exercises. Such as the broadsword, the performance of the device structure is characterized by fierce, fast, fierce Puma momentum, the “knife like the Tigers,” said. The sword, a two-edged sword because the structure constraints, the technique can not be wrapped in the brain similar to Chantou kind of action, drill up and style features, highlighting the casual elegant, light and agile and full of rhythm, the “sword like Fei “reputation. Besides the gun it, the style features a “gun, such as swimming dragon” image analogy. Stick, the “stick like madness,” said.

In short, no matter what learning boxing or equipment, must distinguish features of their style, and accurate information, after repeated long-term practice, to eventually form their own styles and characteristics.

Fifth, to persevere

Rome was not built in a day; Tiechu grinding, in a day. For this reason, everybody knows, but that is easy to start hard. If more scholars dog day of summer and winter break Sanjiu, perennial stopped working, why should we worry not solve the problem, but the storm break! You in their blog, in your perseverance.

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