How in the living room activities should pay attention to safety?

2011-01-01 at 09:43 am hugege

Activities in the living room at home, there are many subtle little things seem worth the students attention, otherwise, just as easily be dangerous. This is mainly in the following areas:
l. Anti-bump. Most small space for the family room, and put a lot of furniture and other household items, it should not be pursued in the living room, rough, strenuous sports and games, to prevent the bump hurt.
2. Slip, drop. Relatively smooth floor room, pay attention to prevent slipping injuries; need to climb cleaning, pick and place items, to ask others to be protected to guard against falls.
3. Fall protection. Live in buildings, particularly those living in high-rise buildings, and not to lean out the balcony or window, to guard against the risk of accidental falls occurred.
4. Anti-extrusion. Bedroom door, windows, furniture, doors, drawers, easy to cover when the switch hands, should also be careful everywhere.
5. Anti-fire. A lot of flammable materials inside the room, such as wooden furniture, bedding, curtains, books, etc., so pay attention to fire safety. Do not play with fire in the living room casually, not to internal combustion firecrackers in the living room.
6. Anti-anti-accident victims. Screwdriver, knife, scissors and other sharp, pointed instrument, thumbtacks, pins and other stationery, should be properly stored after use it and can not on the bed, a chair, to prevent people from accidental injury.

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