Fracture and how to do?

2011-01-01 at 09:49 am hugege

Fracture, in which the body part or completely broken bones, most fractures are due to the impact caused by the powerful. A fracture, there is pain at the fracture site, accompanied by swelling, bleeding and deformation, human activity is limited, can not load, there will be severe bleeding, shock, infection, visceral damage. How should a fracture to the emergency handle it?
1. The patient supine, do not blindly moving the patient, not to pull the injured parts of massage.
2. Check the injured area, and timely selection of branches from local materials, wood, wooden sticks, etc., were fixed on the injured area to prevent the injury worse.
3. Not for a fixed item, on the injured upper limb can be used handkerchiefs, cloth strips, suspended and fixed in the chest, lower extremity injuries with the other leg is not bundled fixed together.
4. Open fracture (ie fracture limb skin or mucous membranes rupture, the exposed bones), should pay attention to the wound clean to prevent infection.
5. Emergency treatment done immediately rushed to hospital, transit can not pay attention to the injured parts of the collision. To avoid artificially increase the injury.

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