Fire prevention should pay attention to?

2011-01-01 at 09:51 am hugege

A lot of fire prevention measures, the students are the first from the little things in everyday life:
l. Do not play with fire. Some students are new to the fire, often carrying the parents and teachers to do the game playing with fire, it is very dangerous. When playing with fire, if not extinguish the fire spread the fire or leave easily cause a fire.
2. Do not smoke. Smoking is hazardous to health, but also likely to cause fire, to comply with the Code and the regulations of the students, and resolutely put an end to smoking.
3. Care of fire-fighting facilities. To prevent fires, prevent fires, residential buildings, public places are set a fire hydrant, fire extinguishers, fire and other fire facilities sandbox, also left for the evacuation when the fire broke secure channel, to consciously care for fire-fighting facilities, to ensure safe passage open.

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