Burns often encounter in life accidents.

2011-01-01 at 09:42 am hugege

Burns often encounter in life accidents. In family life, the most common are hot water, hot oil burns. How to prevent burn it?
1. Move the kettle from the fire, heat the pan, you should wear gloves with a cloth liner to prevent the direct burn; side under the kettle, heat the pan on the people is not easy to come across the place.
2. Parents in the cooking, fried foods, do not play around, disturb, to avoid being spilled scalding hot oil; older students learning to cook, attention should be focused, not to drop into the hot oil Otherwise, water will be splashed with hot oil, the man burns.
3. Oil is flammable, will burn at high temperatures, high oil temperature when cooking to prevent the fire. In case the oil pan on fire, do not panic, as soon as possible with the lid on the pot, and will quickly pan away from the fire or extinguish the fire.
4. Home electric irons, electric heaters and other heating appliances will make people burn, should be particularly careful in the use, in particular, it should not to touch.

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