Boyfriend have a strong sexual desire

2011-01-01 at 09:40 am hugege

That is the consequences of your pet him, although you are his!
But I think he is just the desire for more, if he bottom of my heart like you love you. He will know how to care for you hurt you!

Way they want it, we said that a variable in your body play a role in her boyfriend, and not to regard him as your life depending on it. After the order for the future, you need to burn any bridges for yourself.

Physical matter, and as you say! A long time, you will be greatly decreased sexual performance, but it might get infected with the uterus, affect future fertility!

Exaggeration in terms of: if your boyfriend is not your future marriage partner, but you loved him because of damage to their health. How do you in the future? ? ?

After all, a woman is a woman, to learn to always protect yourself!

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