Bleeding what can I do?

2011-01-01 at 09:50 am hugege

Students playing the body when bruised, often bleeding, especially in the most susceptible to bleeding nose. The emergence of these circumstances, should take the following measures:
1. Limbs or fingers bleeding, should be immediately with a clean gauze or a clean cloth wide tightly wound dressing will stay, if the conditions, sprinkle some of the best re-dressing the wound Yunnanbaiyao.
2. If the nose bleeding, may inhibit head on, press and hold tight with your fingers the Ministry of bleeding side of the bridge of the nose until the bleeding is not so far. If you have a clean cotton ball, you can put cotton balls into the nose to stop bleeding. In addition, you can use cold water poured on after the brain, it would be blood vessels, so as to achieve the purpose of hemostasis.

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