13-year-old girls how to do adult acne

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There is no need to worry, this is what adolescent girls are the main is that you should pay attention to hygiene, regular cleaning commonly used items.

First, the acne should note the following:
1 Only a radical improvement in recurrence of incentives in order to effectively control the spread of acne.

2 attention to personal hygiene
Personal hygiene, acne on the face determines the time spent. If the acne long week in the jaw and mouth, please do not wear a collar of the clothes, the collar is the filth of the place, very easy and the constant friction jaw leaving the disaster worse. Also, keep a comb in the ear hair, and bangs the habit of leaving in order to avoid dust and oil on the hair, infected acne worse.

3 to keep pillow covers, pillow cases weekly, even daily change of habits
Most people do not know, in fact, pillowcases, blankets are the most vulnerable to the accumulation of dead cells, mites, dust, dandruff and other dirty things in, and sleep prolonged exposure to the facial skin, make it easier for bacteria to propagate. Therefore, dermatologists to promote and maintain the good habit of daily wash towel, especially in serious cases of acne people, but to pay attention to this point.

4 less hair gels, styling liquid, if not non-use, please note and face isolation
Hair gels, styling fixative solution in the composition, once the spray to the skin can easily lead to pore blockage, grease and dirt more difficult to clean. In addition, keep a daily shampoo to maintain the hair clean, but also can improve acne conditions, and prevent infection.

5 Note that the choice of whether a cosmetic formula hydrophilic oil quality
Friends have acne, and sometimes paint a modest number of foundation, can have a considerable degree of “Concealer” beautifying effect, but in the selection of foundation and lipstick, we should avoid oil-soluble product, so as not to worsen acne. Current professional make-up brand has been developed is very suitable for oily skin, use water Creme, texture and fresh, without the burden of increased skin oil, the best is that this type of dual-water Creme, both from the foundation and powder function, do not rush to use from the powder leaving because of swelling on the skin more apparent.

6 really good sun protection measures
Sun’s ultraviolet rays, once the wound by acne, direct through the epidermis, there will be ice at the wound site to form a chisel-like black spots, even after the disappearance of acne, are still staying the same burn marks as dark spots. If we worry too much oil, sunscreen, sunscreen can be finished in the paint after the smoke in the face with tissues click, siphoning off excess oil. So, will not affect the function of sunscreen, but also to prevent the burden of oil.

7 net lipid that has oil control functions of skin care products
Modern cosmetic science and technology, has been attentive to care for oily skin, the real problem. Oily skin care products in the past, most of the symptoms only to wash his face too much fat, but the market since last summer skin care products oily skin, but also stressed that “oil control”, “net fat” function, namely the use of biochemical or plant components, in-depth skin layer. Control of sebaceous gland secretion function, and the skin surface, “oil” into the oil, while shrinking pores, so that oil production was reduced.

8 in inflammatory acne attack, the patient
Squeeze to control myself not to pull the acne was not an easy task, you can buy one with a strong anti-inflammatory, acne features of youth gel, acne is not made in time or made with a cotton swab dipped in Youth in the acne gel point. This can help dry acne and accelerate the end of its life. However, please note: youth can only point in acne gel, do not wipe the entire piece in the face to avoid over-stimulating the skin is not inflamed, but cause swelling.

More than nine much intake of vitamin content of vegetables, fruit, to ensure adequate sleep and normal eating habits

10 pleasant state of mind is good way to cure acne
Do not think the world only you acne, remember that acne is only episode in life will soon be passed, as long as you deal with it properly, do not let it interfere with your emotions, you will find it weak too vulnerable!
Dry in winter due to lack of water causes the long burst a few acne, then you had better pay attention, acne is a very easy thing down, as long as a reasonable diet and sleeping arrangements, and pay attention to health, but smallpox in India headache to many mm it is one thing, take a look at the most comprehensive anti-acne method to print it.

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