Night shift, the skin is very dry and how to do?

2010-12-30 at 03:57 am hugege

Now young people busy, staying up late is unavoidable. But the health hazards of staying up late is great, what you should eat in order to stay up all night to minimize the damage?
With the popularity of computers and networks, more and more a night owl. You may think your young, no limit, but the body does not lie, sometimes late at night can cope with the passage of time will be a lot of problems. Family stay up all night with the appropriate nutritional intake should be to protect their body, so that their work at night to maintain the best condition. One by one to give the following introduction:
1) refuse to junk food
1. Caffeine
Caffeinated drinks are a favorite family stay up all night. Although caffeine refreshing, but it will consume the body and nerves, muscle coordination of the vitamin B family, lack of vitamin B groups would have been tired more easily, are more likely to form a vicious circle. In addition, fasting at night to drink caffeinated beverages such, will cause irritation of gastrointestinal mucosa, causing abdominal pain.
2. Sweets
That can add calories to eat sweets, sweets in fact, is staying up late taboo. After dinner, or late at night, do not eat too many sweets, although the high-calorie high-sugar, though exciting to some extent, but it will consume vitamin B group, resulting in negative effects, it tends to lead to obesity.
3. Liquid
Refreshing commercially available oral solution, and its main ingredient is vitamin B, C, caffeine, such as traditional Chinese medicine ingredients, have a certain effect, but often drink will produce dependence. Moreover, the potential negative impact of these oral solution remains to be seen.
2) supplementary nutrition food
Overall, staying up late preventive care depends on the diet, but more to add some special nutrition is also essential. Nutrition need a reason to it?

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