How women in ancient contraception

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Long, long time ago, when people are still primitive, when men and women and wonder how to birth control. The method they use is extremely dangerous, while most likely have no effect.
3 most common birth control method

Abstinence with a chastity belt locked genitals

Abortion strange toxic syrup to drink, smell musk, Le athletic, playing the lower abdomen, piercing the uterus, smoking, packing mud foment emetic agents or taking drugs, bleeding, wash hot baths, strenuous exercise, pregnancy after sexual intercourse and other methods to manufacture Abortion … … the Arab women to abortion, the vaginal suppository containing the stimulant medication and other objects inserted into the womb infanticide.

Most traditional methods of contraception: coitus, nursing

Isolated sperm Law

The ancient Greeks and Romans to all sorts of things into the vagina. For example, the massive honey, cedar gum, and even crocodile dung.

Ancient China and Japan, with silk oiled paper, rag group, sponge stuffed vagina as a barrier. The ancient Chinese also used to make condoms fat fish, you can imagine, the men dick sizes, to find a suitable number of fish fat is not easy.

Other contraceptive methods

Discharge of semen after intercourse squat, sneezing, jumping up and down. Ancient Greeks believed that use of alum, wine, water, creosote soap or vinegar wash the vagina, but also to achieve the purpose of contraception.

The earliest reference to the origin of contraception is a saying from the “Bible.” In the “Genesis”, the God asks of man interrupted sexual intercourse, known as “opt-law.”

In 384 BC, the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle -322 is considered to be proposed by the Hong asphalt, lead ointment or frankincense oil natural chemicals such as spermicides first.

AD 23 years -79 years with a “Natural History” of the Roman writer Pliny (Pliny) advised readers to exercise restraint and desire to avoid pregnancy. He is to promote abstinence as a contraceptive method the first.

17th century King Charles II’s physician Dr Condom invented the male condom. It is the lamb of the cecum of raw materials, the best products can reach 0.038 mm thin (latex condoms are generally 0.030 mm). It was a sensation in the world happy occasion. Condom alone, doctors won the title of the invention, the UK also earn substantial foreign exchange.

1725 -1798 Casanova in swingers described in his autobiography, the details of the trial of contraceptive methods. He relates that he had tried to half a hollowed out lemon peel and used as the original diaphragm.

In 1827 scientists discovered the presence of eggs or egg, which is a major scientific breakthrough. Know before sperm into the body after a woman will become pregnant. This finding is the first step in understanding of human reproduction.

Dr Charles Massachusetts, 1832 – Norton invented a solution of contraception after sexual intercourse the uterus by syringe. This solution formulations vary, including salt, vinegar, liquid chlorine, zinc sulfite, or potassium aluminum sulfate. Injection in the next 40 years, are widely used.

German doctor Friedrich 1838 – Oscar Wilde to give a patient a small diaphragm, menstrual periods can cover the top of the cervix. This contraceptive method has never been widely adopted, but known around the world, “Wilde hat” became the predecessor of the modern diaphragm.

Charles 1839 – Goodyear invented vulcanized rubber processing technology, and put into practical application, the production of rubber condoms, intrauterine devices, vaginal washing devices and diaphragms.

1843 scientists figure out the sperm met the egg, it will become pregnant. Before, people thought that men create life; woman only gave birth to the place of life.

The 20th century, appeared in America 70 years a wide variety of contraceptives such as condoms, contraceptive sponges, cervical caps and rinse. These can be from a catalog, pharmacists, even the rubber traders at the dry goods store to buy.

March 2, 1873 U.S. Congress passed the Comstock Act, the bill expressly provides against obscene contraceptives as obscene materials, prohibiting interstate commerce or communication by post. The United States was the only announced the introduction of legal contraception illegal in Western countries.

Campaign 1875 Funders useless Catherine Dexter – McCormick was born in Dexter, Michigan, as mayor of a username

In China, it seems that abstinence (as well as types of abortion drugs, it seems to the What safflower, but not for contraception.)

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