How to reduce football injuries?

2010-12-30 at 03:59 am hugege

Read a full school years playing amateur status to tell you .. how to effectively reduce the chance of playing in the injured ..

1 .. Warm ..
In fact, for some reason .. be honest .. I never warm up before the game .. .. do not what pulled ligaments about the ankle at the most is the active .. but I never pull a muscle because of this .. maybe I am more relaxed when playing relax the body will not be nervous .. .. .. is not nervous is not easy of course, may also be strained with my confidence on the pitch .. but still suggest you look at the muscles before activity .. But the most important thing is to relax in when playing ..

Self-protection .. 2 ..
This refers to the fall when the ball was tripped .. example .. I tend to have a protective action .. .. and then the ground hands first, Wang Qianmian roll action may seem like a great .. .. but in fact .. I was not injured in the concrete floor did not hurt to play this fall .. and many people .. Yishuai is a large piece of bloody scrapes .. that is so they will not fall to how to protect themselves .. on the ground .. so sure how vulnerable .. so .. this protective action is very important

Technique .. 3 ..
I used to like because I’ve been extraordinary people .. .. but then, relatively strong love of the limelight .. still young .. and some products is not good ball .. .. so if you prefer to kick so afraid of injury. . Try not to have been to people .. especially those who play with action when large how simple to how to play .. .. .. After all, we are amateur like fun .. good health is the most important. . Another challenge for the ball when the shot or should not be too hard .. .. At this point the most serious foot .. to see who is the foot against the hard bones .. .. This is undesirable at this point is very important to learn The point is to know how to close the foot .. .. either defensive or offensive, as in the case of seeing is not hard to do .. .. .. so to learn pin can be received to avoid the chance of injury greatly .. Also in the Qiangdian time ..

Header Qiangdian .. 4 ..
If the positioning corner or free kick the ball .. so .. should be careful not to cross red Qiangdian rattling .. .. so are particularly vulnerable to injury and can not jump off as not as easy to take off .. .. easy to break out of balance. . .. my head hurt so I headed .. this is not generally a sense of self-protection .. if only .. available when the war Gaokong Qiu Yi Zhu body accounted for the other .. .. try to do a good body position The first point to see if the connection is also easy to pick the second point .. Do not jump abruptly to strive for two people to try to avoid .. avoid ..

Block shot .. 5 ..
Under normal circumstances will happen .. they will go to great shot blocking or pass each other .. then you can jump back to the block with the ball .. so even if the body does not cause any harm .. If simple-minded to face on the block .. so easy to be shot in the face and body .. even thought it was vital not to fear death .. performance .. In fact, this is a form of protecting their own course like this is possible .. will be a fake to fool the other side .. but happy enough to play .. Well .. do not hurt is the most important ..

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