How to maintain the quality system of the cold

2010-12-30 at 03:49 am hugege

Quality system is not necessarily cold cold, cold constitution and the general dry skin, acne is easy, and not eat meat these, insomnia, nervous tension, air-conditioning in the summer will feel cold, never exercise. Chinese medicine, cold and heat divided the real and imaginary, if you want to eat Chinese, then the best medicine let professional examination, and then prescribe the right medicine can eat mutton cold foods such heat, often with hot feet and promote blood circulation.

Yi Shi food: warm sweet Sim, and dispelling the cold and the role of the stomach with warm food, such as indica rice, lamb, chicken, tripe, pork belly, chain fish, grass carp, litchi, pepper, leek, fennel Levin, mustard, cinnamon , ginger, ginger, pepper, pepper, cumin, white Kou, brown sugar and so on.

Eat foods: the nature of cold, easy to damage yang foods, such as buckwheat, naked oats, mung beans, tofu, spinach, water spinach, eggplant, black fungus, lily Levin, lettuce, melon, celery, amaranth Levin, wild rice, cucumber, bitter melon, watermelon, persimmon, banana, loquat, pear, peach and so on.

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