How to improve children’s immunity

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First, pay attention to children’s cold, do not wear too hot, cold and let him have the appropriate training. Do not want the child, cold, and more importantly, be careful not to let a child at any time with the heat. Some kids have been wearing much is the winter, but also sweat clothes all day, all day wear sweaty underwear, how could he not cold yet. ancients said: “I want children safe, must hunger and cold 3”, is the truth.
2 is a time when post-heat loose clothing, do not sweat clothes. Parental requirements: should a child before age 3 to kindergarten, the church kids to get dressed, undressing. If sweat clothes, dry underwear should be replaced, do not let sweaty kids wearing underwear all day .3 children under the age, body temperature regulation function is not fully developed because their body temperature regulation entirely with changes in ambient temperature, the heat will sweat to achieve the purpose of cooling. So children sweat more, is entirely due to hot to wear, most children not because of sweating out the disease. people in the sweat, the skin pores and relaxation, more opportunities for the flu, and some see a child is not the wind, the wind is easily cold, is the reason. often the case, the resistance will be significantly reduced.
3 is if there is a cold, to as early as possible to the point of drug treatment, do not delay treatment. TCM Pediatrics said: “The incidence of vulnerable children, rapidly changing,” child of the flu, the early and late an hour for an hour taking medication, which appears The result is completely different. long-term exposure to children of parents who have to learn to observe children abnormal cold and found abnormalities should be dealt with promptly.
4 is one sick to be cured, do not give up halfway. When a child with fever over 39 ℃, within 2 hours should be reduced to 38 ℃ temperature below body temperature above 39 ℃ sustained more than 2 hours can cause brain cell damage, affecting intelligence in children. Some children colds or cough after the enlargement of almond (bronchitis), because there is no one cure, resulting in the first place after the performance of a cold or cough Almond swelling, and difficult to completely cure a long time will turn into a chronic tonsil inflammation and chronic bronchitis.
This will be two possibilities: First, children are often sick, and difficult to cure, easy to damage resistance; 2 is often medication, the child body, bacteria appeared to increase drug resistance, drug effect decreased gradually. In this case, In order to cure a child’s illness, use of antibiotics, only constantly upgraded to be effective, the saying goes, a child that was all treatment plant roots.
5 is a balanced diet, nutrition, enhance physical fitness. The body of essential nutrients, 7 species, namely, water, protein, fat, carbohydrates, trace elements, vitamins, dietary fiber. Nutritionist’s “nutritionally complete, proportional and reasonable, balanced meals “and” a handful of beans, vegetables, an egg, add a little meat, eat enough grains 5 Valley “, it reflects a balanced diet good idea. while also free to eat children 0 to quit the bad habit of eating, drinking 0 harmful, many parents are aware of. Do not feel bad for children, but only refined foods with high nutrition, high nutrition will also appear as malnutrition.
6 is to train children to do their own thing, there must be relatively independent of the good living and eating habits. Only when he mastered the cold of the Canadian clothing, when less heat to the clothing and dress and undress himself, he can be reduced to master the hot and cold colds. only his own meal, sexual interest will have to eat, will eat eat well, will have to ensure the growth and development of the necessary nutrients. Parents do not always think that children everything small and acting on their behalf, should begin from childhood education, and the sooner the better.
How to prevent infants and young children common cold?
Every turn of the season or climate change, many parents are most worried about is the child a cold. Especially the infants body is weak, in the event of nasal congestion, runny nose, sneezing, micro cough, throat discomfort, fever, parents to children height tension, kids go to the doctor, the doctor is often diagnosed as upper respiratory tract infection. So what is the “upper respiratory tract infection” mean?
Human respiratory tract from the upper and lower respiratory tract composition. Upper respiratory tract including nose, pharynx, larynx, sinuses and tonsils, lower respiratory tract including the trachea, bronchus and lung. That is more than the upper respiratory airway. Any inflammation of the upper respiratory tract occurs collectively referred to as upper respiratory tract infection, doctors sometimes referred to as the flu, the common cold. cold is the most common infant diseases, 90% of the common cold is due to virus infection.
How to prevent the flu?
1, enhance the body resistance to prevent the common cold viruses are the key to prevention. Peacetime should pay attention to physical exercise, and more outdoor activities to enhance the ability of cold to accept sunlight.
2, with a reasonable nutrition and balanced diet, prevention and treatment of malnutrition and rickets.
3, note that changes in the climate change clothes. Do not just care about the cold child, more important is to always pay attention not to be hot with the kids.
4, in the seasons, do not take their children to crowded public places.

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