How to identify honey

2010-12-30 at 03:43 am hugege

I know the identification method:
See: pure honey is thick, viscous colloidal liquid, glowing, all kinds of honey, a fixed color, such as the linden tree honey is light amber, clear, translucent, sunflower honey is amber, the color of honey mixed not fixed, usually red and yellow. Exert oneself with chopsticks stir in the honey a few times, brought chopsticks can be observed in the light of pure honey, light and transparent, and adulterated honey turbid. Honey and light really strong, uniform color; poor quality honey turbidity and impurities. Light amber honey with a new and transparent as authentic. Add boiling water, stir the honey to melt slightly and no precipitation were as good honey; poor honey is not easy to melt, and there is precipitation.
News: real honey sweet, fake honey without any odor. Honey mixed with spices unusual flavor. Real honey a few months after harvest can emit unique honey aroma, fragrant and long-lasting, open bottle can smell; or put a little honey placed in the palm, rub the smell of, a spectacular honey aroma.
Taste: sweet aroma of honey quality, long after the entrance memorable. No flowers smell of honey adulteration, and some fake honey are boiled Tang Wei, a sugar water taste fine chemicals. Crystallization of pure honey will soon melt the entrance, there are doctrinal and smell the flowers; adulteration of honey is not easy to melt crystallization of the entrance, there is smell. Honey is sweet and refreshing, and no barbed hose.
Chemical tests: adding iodine solution mixed with starch, honey color will become blue, mixed with honey and caramel high concentration of ethanol after adding white floc, mixed with other impurities in the honey, honey with a hot wire inserted in the wire with sticky material.
Cold crystallization test: honey in the 4 to 14 degrees Celsius environment preservation will become solid after a period of time, which is a physical phenomenon of honey, honey, really poor transparency of its crystals, crystal level than the soft, twist-free sand with your fingers sense; crystal eyes with chopsticks a bundle of a very soft, fake honey bar does not move. Yong Shounie real honey, the crystals melt quickly. Ge and hand off a feeling of honey, melted or not melt slowly, real honey crystals small sound bite with the teeth, and leave the honey is crystal clear and loud.

In addition, pure honey oozing drops on white paper is not easy, and honey mixed with water seepage will be gradually opened. High concentrations of pure honey, flow slowly. A drop of honey placed on paper, high-quality honey into a bead shape, easy to disperse; poor quality honey not a bead-shaped, easy to disperse.

So many ways, my favorite is the final mix with chopsticks. For the supermarket to buy honey, probably only recognized brand name, because now are doing very much like fraud. What brand of buy back to try to use the above method, is good on the line next time you buy.

In addition, honey is best not to put glass containers, glass containers easier to fermentation.

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