How to exercise to stand the cold

2010-12-30 at 03:58 am hugege

I suggest you consider the whole body aerobic exercise, the most common is running and swimming, the physical requirements of work permit and do not affect the premise of doing the maximum amount of exercise effort. Usually a week can be effective. Running and swimming force balance, control is easy, do not need to play like basketball, football requires a class of activity-based explosive. And can exercise every muscle in the body, all parts of the body and heart and lung liver and kidney also have the overall coordinating role, increase metabolism, promote blood flow.

Do what you enjoy, so you will interested in sports, I also love table tennis, this jump, let me Yaozhi flexible, but table tennis is always a hand moving, unbalanced, I use a a little heavy dumbbell with both hands held together, standing snatch clean and jerk, and then lay hold, and then do sit-ups dumbbell pressing his feet, you can sit and put it on the soles of the feet to do the heels campaign, a small dumbbell, the biceps can practice abdominal chest lumbar back muscles can practice thigh. a dumbbell without much money, but also in watching TV practicing, do not waste time is not a waste of money do not take place, will be able to exercise the whole body I suggest you might as well like me, buy dumbbells, weight a little on the line

As the saying goes: dog day of summer training, winter training Sanjiu, but to keep warm, pay attention to exercise control, at the beginning do not run too long, too long, we should pay attention to breathing, the air cold, use the nose, do not use direct mouth breathing, or breathing discomfort.

Any amount of physical activity will make you feel good. Disease prevention is the minimum amount of physical activity daily activities at least 30 minutes. For those who can measure the energy consumption of the people, in order to consume 150 calories a day is appropriate. However, no calorie consumption measurement activities for your health. The measurement method is very simple, it is more than half an hour a day physical activity or exercise. This means that the morning bus to go two stops away on the way home longer follow 10 minutes. 10 minutes 10 minutes cleaning the house and riding the bike. Or with your brothers and sisters, friends, kids playing basketball for 30 minutes or 30 minutes of jumping dance.
If you want to strengthen the intensity of physical activity can increase the daily activities of a few minutes time or gradually accelerate the speed of walking or other activities. Of course, just half an hour’s time, is the recommended minimum. Of course, you spend more time activities, for the more health benefits.

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