Ayruz Web Holdings Internet – Marketing Agency India

2010-12-30 at 11:00 pm hugege

Ayruz is an Internet marketing agency based in India having a global outlook helping companies move into the digital age and promote business online.
Digital Marketing, Social Media Consultancy, Search Engine Optimization, Search Marketing, Web Application Development, Web Design and User Experience Engineering are the main services we offer.
Our expertise in web applications is vast and we use this to create design for your web application. The company with its team of young programmers and designers also specialized in web based applications. The Research and development wing has produced some path breaking and innovative solutions for the market. The products developed at Ayruz labs undergo constant innovation, testing and critical examination before being thrown open to the public. The subsidiaries Amvizone promotions focused in the online marketing of movies. Metro Geometry is a collection of blogs for cities which provide updates to its readers on events, parties and fun news about the city.
Kerala tourism is one of the long standing and trusted partners who has derived the benefits of social media in promoting Kerala as a tourist destination while partnering with Ayruz Web Holdings. Many reputed companies have already leveraged Ayruz’ expertise in using the internet as a marketing medium.

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