What’s the matter with Hypnosis?

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Now the latest developments in hypnosis theory is two-level theory:
A first level: the material level – brain system function. After receiving psychological implications of brain, for storage, analysis by neural biological changes that affect physical activity features, endocrine and autonomic nervous system, corresponding changes, induced hypnotic state.
B The second level: the acceptance of individual mental activity, mainly the role of the mental functions such as: hint. Under hypnosis is more direct role of implied acceptance.
Into the hypnotic state, the hypnotist and by the surgeon one-way links between the special will be made by the surgeon in the physiological and psychological feelings of positive changes occurred. Brain acetylcholine (the more active secretion of the more shallow relief), dopamine (secretion of more and more exciting), fatigue, changes in hormone secretion, etc., affect the sympathetic, parasympathetic balance, thereby enhancing the function of human body organs; the same time by the surgeon on willing to accept the hypnotist’s instructions and can, in cooperation with the help of hypnosis to improve mood, regulate pressure, untie knot, development potential. This is why hypnosis can play a role in regulating physical and psychological reasons.
II. What is hypnosis
In fact, when a person to communicate with their feelings, or are doing the work of inner contemplation is at a certain level of hypnotic state of the. Hypnosis induced by a special man to enter the technology similar to sleep rather than sleep in such a state, the human consciousness into a weakened state, the subconscious become active, so the mental activity, including perception, emotion, thinking, will and mental activities and behavior, words and deeds of the hypnotist to maintain close contact, like a sponge to fully learn the hypnotist’s instructions, the technology can lead to this state called hypnosis.
III. Hypnotic phenomena of nature in life
In fact, the phenomenon of hypnosis is a natural human reaction to adapt to life there is also such a natural phenomenon of hypnosis. Such as highway hypnosis is a typical example, the pilot long-distance driving, the monotonous sound of a motor vehicle would be prone to accidents induced hypnotic state, so road construction will set up some eye-catching roadside sign, or consciously built into a curved road Road, to avoid inducing highway hypnosis.
Long-distance bus travel is the same. Long-distance travel in the monotonous sound of the rigid rotation of the wheels would be tempting to enter hypnosis hypnotic state of sexual stimulation in hypnosis seems to be able to hear the voice of the conductor bus stop, but then stumbled on the other sound or no.
Any monotonous, repetitive, stereotyped stimuli can induce different levels of hypnosis, each of us has experience in this regard, it is normal human reaction function; while hypnosis is to help people develop and use their own these features, To adjust the physical and mental state, improve the quality of life services.

The application of hypnosis
Over the years, hypnosis has been in people’s minds with a kind of mystery, strange effect, or as charlatans of the hall Yaofa to the exclusion of science, the reputation of it, been criticized. Especially in the feudal society of China under the influence of long-term, especially by those who lawless elements as a trick to fool and deceive people to achieve their personal goals, so that hypnosis was a fatal injury.
With the development of society, the rise of modern science, people are efforts to explore the mysteries of hypnosis, to bring it to a scientific and systematic. Hypnosis as a psychological adjustment and treatment techniques, to give wisdom and enlightenment, as the gem of psychology, and various people’s attention more and more in-depth research, more and more widely in mental health and the medical community, the business community , education, sports, judicial and other fields has been widely used.
As China’s economic development and improvement of living standards, there is growing emphasis on quality of life. People in the enjoyment of modern city life, but also material value spiritual life; concern, while also concerned about the health of their own mental health. The more high-level, the more will pay attention to their physical and mental health. Hypnosis as a special psychological adjustment and relaxation techniques, urban people in alleviating the psychological pressure, physical and psychological aspects of adjustment, with unique advantages, can play a special role.
The site mainly provides hypnosis services:
1 decompression relax, eliminate physical and mental fatigue
2 to improve sleep, improve the quality of rest
3 psychological adjustment, and enrich the experience of self-confidence
4 improve mood, its capability to face life
5 self-hypnosis to improve their ability to adjust the response

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