I’ll teach you fight acne!

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◎ recipe 1: Post Salongbasi
If you find a piece of his face grew red, and suppressed hurt, which means it is about to smoke a big acne. You can use this time to cover acne Salongbasi cut the size of the house close to it, after some time he would turn away. For those who occasionally acne, Salongbasi really quite effective, but if you take the long-term acne, endocrine disorders of people with this method may not effective for you.

◎ recipe 2: Using Acne Mask
Wu Yingjun physician clinics selling a joint British Grand Acne Mask e-do, is used before going to bed, at least apply one or two hours long, you can apply a full night. I looked at my friend deposited the long-term this mask, acne a lot of miles really improved the situation!

◎ recipe 3: apply tea tree oil
Occasionally, you can use tea tree oil acne look a little paint on the affected part, because the tea is very good ingredients to treat acne. However, we must first use diluted tea tree oil before, and then dip a cotton swab on your acne. A painted tea tree oil acne you will feel the contraction. I always use this brand of oil AROMABAY.

◎ recipe 4: see a doctor
In addition to the face, back acne is also easy to place. Acne on the face may be the long problems Firming, acne may be long in the back have health problems, perhaps with your hormones, and if the back often acne, you have to go to the doctor. I recommend an excellent German clinic, it is truly great acne treatment acne experts!

I’ll teach you “eat” acne! !

Bitter melon soup (the soup can effectively heat, and help treat acne and other skin problems.)
… A bitter …

1. The bitter washed, cut into small pieces.
2. The bitter gourd into the pot, add appropriate amount of clean boiled, boiled paste.
Cucumber acne (acne effective removal)
Fresh cucumber juice, white vinegar, the amount of … …

1. Fresh cucumber juice, white vinegar the same amount and mix thoroughly.
2. After the first wash with warm water and rub fresh cucumber juice, white vinegar and mix thoroughly after the same amount of juice in the face three times a day, wiping more than 10 minutes after the wash with warm water, once a half months can be more.

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