How to protect the skin

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Although the bottles have been filled the sink, although the faces of the time has been extended to half an hour, we still feel dry skin, looking gloomy and always has a long two acne, which is why ?
Recently, the United States, “the beautiful line” website experts remind the reader survey, the most modern women prone to skin problems 3. When you feel bad skin condition, it is best to check whether they committed the following errors:
Cleansing a hurry
U.S. experts do item Internet survey found that the average modern women face no more than 30 seconds. Many people rush smear Cleanser, less than the bubble out of it wash away with water. As a result, the skin stratum corneum is not softening, no time to penetration and nutrient absorption.
Others prefer the rich foam cleanser, but some cleaning ability is not good, finished surface of the skin can still feel greasy. The retention of grease and dirt will not only damage the skin, but also the formation of a closed barrier, skin care products affect the subsequent penetration and absorption of nutrients.
Correct approach should be, first squeezed in palm of the hand cleanser, rich foam Cuochu to massage techniques applied to the face, massage for 45 seconds or more, feel the skin becomes smooth and delicate, use water to wash his hands tease net.
Skin care program confusion
Beauty expert Li Fute said, skin care, including both deep and surface skin, they are not the same effect, is not the same skin care needs. The former’s main function is to provide nutrition for the skin, therefore, the absorption is very important; whose main function is to protect the membrane layer of the skin to prevent the outside of the skin against the adverse environmental, and therefore less absorption of the requirements.
Li Fute found that many women in the deep end painted skin care products, such as toning water, and then they use the surface of skin care products, such as Cream, the skin is known to isolate the contact with various chemicals, and finally applied deep skin products, such as cream, lotion and so on. In fact, the texture of thick Cream, the skin surface in a layer of protective film, the nutritional skin care products deep within the skin is difficult to reach, follow-up care is equal to the work done for nothing.
The correct method should be smaller molecules, the thin texture of skin care products the more the more the first use. For example, in the toner, the first painted cream, eye cream, and then apply lotion, and finally add a touch of cream Cream.
Often “nutrition”
Whitening Toner with soothing night cream also cast a face, painted soon run out of Essence Cream, deep cleansing and exfoliating feet before and after the … … is not every day you have to put all kinds of cream coated in layers of face?
Hundreds of medical experts recently attended the “First Shanghai and Hong Kong, Macao Dermatology level Forum on” when warned: because the make-up properly, skin care products, “nutrition” and other issues more and more women suffering from skin diseases. Clinical statistics show that 70% of patients with contact dermatitis is caused by improper use of cosmetics, mainly in patients aged 20-40 years.
In Japan also has the same problem. Department of Dermatology Tokyo Women’s Medical University, Professor Lin Shen and pointed out that Japanese women to face the daily average of 6 coated layer of skin care products, as well as people at a time five or six products. But in fact, soothing skin care products will make your skin quickly to relax, after applying the whitening ingredients can not be absorbed; first coated essence, the outside will prevent the skin permeability Cream; and deep cleansing and exfoliating the same days, the epidermis cells will be injured.
Should be the right way, commonly used whitening products and people, only when tired to use the soothing night cream; and apply Day Cream for the night’s best to use the essence to avoid both in the face of “fighting”; Deep Cleansing can often be, but the scrub only once a week is best, but not deep cleansing the same day.

Sand and dust weather skin care?
Well-known sand, dry and sun’s ultraviolet rays is the number one killer of the skin. Particularly in northern spring, autumn and winter dry climate, intelligent women will find ways to make their surroundings to maintain proper humidity, creating a small southern climate. Against ultraviolet light to literally block the ultraviolet rays in the skin outside.

Reasonable diet, adequate sleep, regular exercise and feel good is also the skin beauty skin care tips.

Some women go on a diet of thin, does not know the recipe often lack animal protein and fat women, the skin will look sallow, dull, poor flexibility. The sweetness of people addicted to eating fat is mostly skin and large pores, greasy, easy to sores. Therefore, a reasonable diet, with meat and vegetables to nutritionally balanced.

To ensure adequate sleep, especially to make good use of 9 pm to 2 am the best repair the skin time. Women are accustomed to night, even if the amount of sleep during the day and sleep in the skin also does not help.

Moderate exercise, particularly aerobic exercise can promote blood circulation and skin metabolism, skin fitness benefit. In addition to these few, but have a good mood is also indispensable. Also note that usually get rid of some bad facial expressions, such as frowning, curl one’s lip and other movements, in order to avoid premature wrinkles.

To have a man called Mo’s skin, daily cleansing, skin care process is also essential. Best not to make the young girls, have the courage haircut, make-up of women has been used to pay special attention to cleansing.

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