How to do frequent colds

2010-12-28 at 04:35 am hugege

1. Do not have time to exercise is a great excuse, mainly your own lazy. Any time, any place you can do is exercise. For example, the backing of the classroom support, look around, twisting his neck. Remain seated to keep the leg lifted two or three minutes and so on. Jump a few before going to bed at night, do a few push-ups or sit-ups. Adhere to the two or three minutes will be sweating.
2. Eat more vegetables and fruit.
3. To protect themselves prone to the flu season should pay particular attention. First, the crowd away from the cold, their cups and other appliances not connected to others. Preventive medicine can eat in advance, if the signs of an effective one by one, but also to curb the time. Go out, dress strip door Do not worry, note that they have no sweat.
4. If you are worried, then early in the flu season, influenza vaccination it.

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