How to defense swine flu

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World Health Organization has confirmed that the United States and Mexico had the flu human infection [1], while several countries reported suspected or confirmed human infection with the virus. WHO 26, posted on its Web site on swine influenza frequently asked questions:
1, which country has seen extraordinary events swine flu?
Since 2007, the implementation of “International Health Regulations (2005)” since the WHO received over the United States and Spain, the occurrence of human infection with swine influenza briefing.
2, were infected with swine influenza through what channels?
Usually through infected pigs infected with swine flu, but some cases of human infection with swine influenza is also reported that they had no contact with pigs or pig in the presence of the environment has to stay. Swine flu spread from person to person event has occurred, but only in close contact with each other and closed the crowd.
3, which countries had outbreaks of swine flu in pigs?
After the outbreak of swine flu, the country does not need to inform the World Organization for Animal Health. Therefore, at present in swine herds in the country the incidence is not clear. Swine influenza in the United States is considered to be endemic. North America, South America, Europe, Africa and parts of East Asia have been swine flu outbreak.
4, the risk of swine flu pandemic be?
Most people, especially not people who frequent contact with pigs, swine influenza virus may have no immunity. If a swine influenza virus from person to person has the ability to spread between the effective, there is likely to cause swine flu pandemic.
5 whether there is a vaccine against swine flu?
There is currently no human infection of pigs against influenza virus vaccine. Now use against seasonal influenza vaccine effective against swine flu is not very clear. Influenza viruses change very fast, for the moment is to develop a pandemic vaccine virus to vaccinate people to provide maximum protection. Therefore, the WHO sought to obtain information on the virus as much as possible in order to select the most suitable for the production of viral vaccines.
6, the currently available treatment of swine flu drugs have?
Some countries for the treatment of seasonal influenza antiviral drugs can be effective in prevention and treatment of swine flu. Such drugs are divided into two types: one is the adamantane class, including amantadine and rimantadine; the other is the influenza virus neuraminidase inhibitors, including Tamiflu and zanamivir.
The United States report cases of human infection with swine influenza virus is sensitive to the second class of drugs, but the first category of drug resistance.

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