How can you tell what kind of honey is good?

2010-12-28 at 04:32 am hugege

According to Mr. Zhong Yiming Beijing Institute bee said, honey, there are three general means of fraud: One is to use sugar water and sulfuric acid were rendered, the role of the acid solution to the two sugar molecules into simple sugars glucose counterfeit honey; the other is caramel, honey, syrup, etc. to impersonate; Third, the use of food crops processed into syrup (also called fructose syrup) as honey. Honey is also false false elements added thickeners, sweeteners, preservatives, flavors and pigments and other chemical substances, not only damages the economic interests of consumers, contribute to undermining the health of consumers.
On the surface, true and false honey has attractive packaging; are viscous liquid; all have sweet it difficult for consumers to determine its authenticity. So how do you determine the truth of it honey? National Quality Inspection Center of bee products to consumers, Mr. Li Zijian introduces some simple identification method. First, the fake honey because it is boiled with sugar syrup or bogus, so it looks very clear and bright, while the true composition of honey is very complex, containing a number of proteins, enzymes, minerals, vitamins and bee pollen, etc. ingredients, so it is not very brighter. But if the substance was mixed with honey is starch was chaos-like, transparent lower.
Second, false honey faint chemical odor, smell or feel pungent fruit Tang Wei, the true smell of pure natural honey, honey, rich flavor, a hint of flowers.
Third, a single sweet taste of honey off, and some carefully taste or bitter taste still smell the chemicals, and real honey taste mellow, lingering aftertaste, throat slightly spicy feel a sense of smell after a long, giving a aromatic sweet feeling, or very minor light acidity.
Fourth, because the cost of fake honey, honey, much lower than the real and fake sales of honey cheaper plans to seize the psychology of consumers, so off the price of honey are generally low. Therefore, the product is fake honey cheap high probability.
Fifth, carefully review the product label, and some had read the list of ingredients in the sugar, white sugar, fructose syrup, high fructose syrup, and pure honey products are not allowed to join these substances.
In addition, some consumers see honey, there is a white crystalline to think that this is adulterated honey, this is actually a misunderstanding. Crystallization is also characteristics of the product in some honey, which is contained in honey, glucose at a certain temperature, the crystal form, is a normal phenomena, honey itself is not bad, does not affect consumption. Different varieties of honey, the number of crystals, there are different speed levels. Crystallization of honey is not false, but some leave to add the sugar in honey, under certain conditions may precipitate the formation of precipitation in the bottom of the bottle. True and false honey honey crystallization precipitation is easy to distinguish, the more soft honey crystals, on the finger can easily twist of. The fake honey, sugar precipitation precipitation is more compact and twist on the finger, there is a sense of grit.
Experts say, the above method are talking about true and false can only be used for general identification of honey, but honey is a means of fraud rising, some fake honey only by sophisticated instruments to identify them, so consumers should be really want to protect their own interests, they should go to those reputable department stores, to buy those brands reputable honey.

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