Desert Adventure Knowledge

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To travel into the desert, the first work to be done is to learn as much as possible about the information, including road, there are characteristics of topography, climate change and the characteristics of animals and plants, in particular the important point is that information about water: in your Where there is an oasis in the journey where wells and pools, and what seasonal river where water season. Must be based on this information well in advance a detailed plan of action.
Once lost due to vehicle breakdown or other reasons such as distress in the desert, how to do?
In the desert, chances of survival, the most important one is that you can add water and protect themselves from sun exposure a lot of sweat loss.
If you are away from known sources, how to find water?
First, can the bend in the dry bed of the lowest points, the lowest point dune mining, may find groundwater.
Second, the roots of desert plants contain some water, can be dug to extract the juice drink.
Third, the desert day and night temperatures vary greatly, can be obtained by condensation of fresh water. The specific method is to dig the ground around a diameter of 90 cm, 45 cm deep pit. In the pit of the rapid warming of air and soil to produce steam. When the water vapor saturation, the inner surface of plastic sheeting will condense into water droplets, drops below the container, so that we get valuable water this way, the larger the temperature difference between day and night desert, at least for a day and night can be more than 500 ml water. This method can also filter can not be directly distilled drinking dirty water. Fourth, also according to the desert flora and fauna to look for water.
Most of the animals have regular water. Herbivores is not far from the water, they are usually fixed in the early morning and evening to the local drinking water, usually found as long as they are often passed by to take a path, low-lying areas to seek, to find water.
Meat from their prey animals, the body can be water, so they can be long time no drinking water, solid predator activity in this area may not be able to find water.
Carnivorous birds such as eagles and water birds can not drink for a long time. So, when they are not necessarily around the water.
Desert and arid areas, see the reptiles, the surrounding area can not be said that there is water. Because they are likely to prey by the body from absorbing the dew or moisture within, can be long without water.
That insects are a good source of water mark. Especially bees, they leave the hive and not more than 6.5 kilometers, but they have no fixed time for regular activities. Range of most species of flies will not exceed the range of 100 meters from the water source, if found flies, where there is water in your vicinity.
How to keep the body of water does not drain?
According to the known experimental results, we know that most people in the absence of water, has been able to block the sun if the local rest. 48 degrees in temperature can insist on a two and a half, at 21 degrees survive 12 days.
If forced to walk to a safe place, can go far, it all depends on how much water. If there is no water, temperature 48 degrees during the day the case, take a rest during the day and night approach march, can go 40 kilometers. If you must go in the daytime sun exposure, the super, but 8 km. Under the same conditions, if 2 liters of water, you can go 56 kilometers, and adhere to 3 days. If there are more than 4.5 liters per day of water, the chance of survival will increase dramatically.
● To prevent the loss of body water, to try to do the following: ● more rest and less force.
● Do not smoke.
● try to direct sunlight can not stay in the shade. If not, can do their own thing a sun block.
● Do not directly lie on hot ground.
● Try not to eat, or eat less. Because of the absence of water body will draw from the various organs and tissues of water to digest food. ● Do not drink alcohol, must also learn in different organs of the body of water to decompose.
● Do not breathe through your mouth. Nose breathing and do not talk too much.
There is no water to drink in a long time, finally finally found water, big mouth never drank hard. If the person is about to dehydration Meng water, will result in vomiting, leaving the body lose more water.
Distress in the desert, do not take off his clothes, clothes can not only prevent the strong sun burns the skin is also effective in maintaining the body’s water loss. Best to wear loose clothing, the body and the skin layer of insulation between the air. Note that it is best to head and feet are covered up.
If the distress in the desert during the day, we must first take measures to direct light will not find a place to lie down to rest. Prominent part of the rock can be used and the main channels of the rapid shade provided by rock lie down and wait until after dark need to.
In the desert, fire and smoke signals can be used as eye-catching at night for cooking food or heating. Shrubs in the desert or arid areas are very dry and flammable, and weeds, and can be used to make fuel, and other animals such as camel droppings can also be used for fuel. If no natural fuel, you can use some of the container into the sand mixed with gasoline and oil, fire can burn for a long time after.
In the desert, hot weather will definitely affect appetite, do not force eating. Protein-rich foods will increase body heat and accelerate the loss of body water. Digest any food to be consumed water in the body, if the water shortage, it is best not to eat food or eating food containing moisture, such as fruits and vegetables.
One thing, in the desert region, highly perishable food, any food eaten to fight as soon as possible. Do not eat bad food, so as not to affect health.
● in the desert, very dry or disease exposure will cause a lot a lot of sweat glass ● sustained significant loss of salt can cause the body caused by cramps.
● sweat and clothing can cause friction block sweat glands, the body length of prickly heat.
● spasm caused by overheating will cause heat exhaustion.
● pain, constipation and urine are also common.
As long as a good cover and pay attention to the head, body and limbs, resting during the day and staying in the shade, sun came out after the event, we can effectively prevent these diseases.

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