Common misconceptions of hypnosis and fear

2010-12-28 at 04:24 am hugege

1 Q: Is hypnosis can lead people to sleep?
A: Hypnosis is not encouraging people to sleep in the technology, hypnotic state and sleep state, there are many differences. Although the surface looks as if asleep, but in fact by the surgeon and hypnotist induction maintained close relations, he’s unconscious activity in the guidance and help the hypnotist to play an active role; Although hypnosis is at rest , but the rest of the depth and quality than normal sleep, sleep and sometimes more than ten minutes, felt like sleeping for a long time. Although hypnosis for the treatment of sleep problems have a good effect, but it is not limited to this role, but the state can conduct a comprehensive physical and mental adjustment.
2 Q: hypnosis will be reminders in the past will not wake up here?
A: The process of hypnosis and the hypnotist by the surgeon to maintain a close relationship between the sensor, so it looks as if by patients who do not know anything, but in fact he had a hypnotist to communicate with the subconscious mind, to keep in touch with the outside world, in the hypnotist’s instructions after wake-up will wake up. Of course, if allowed to continue hypnotic state, you can enter a natural sleep, after a full sleep after he woke up by the surgeon will also re-does not have any side effects or adverse effects. Similarly, in the normal state of natural sleep, hypnosis can also be transferred to the hypnotic state, this is called nocturnal hypnosis.
3 Q: What hypnosis is to make people do not know, and then some magic occurs change?
A: Hypnosis is not to deny people the ability of mental activity, although lower level of awareness activities, but the subconscious level of activity but more active, then there will be some by patients who stumbled sense of consciousness, as if only hear the voice of the hypnotist; and some by patients who feel that they are awake, what are heard, not even consider themselves to be hypnotized, under hypnosis these feelings may appear, it will not affect the conduct and treatment of hypnosis. Of course, the more by the surgeon according to the hypnotist’s instructions to feel and experience (not to test), the more benefit from hypnosis to get more useful things.
4 Q: In many film and television literary works are hypnotic hypnotist to see what people will shop and go to VIPs, dignitaries say what people will say, is it true? This will not be controlled by others or expose your privacy?
A: Many film and television literature on hypnosis has exaggerated and inaccurate description of the composition. Each person’s subconscious has a stick unwavering mission is to protect this person. Indeed, even in the hypnotic state, the subconscious will be the same as a loyal guard to protect themselves. Hypnosis can better communicate with the subconscious, but can not drive a man to do his subconscious does not agree with things, so do not worry will be to control or to expose their secrets. And, if not belonging to privacy, but as a hypnotist, it should also be the case for hypnosis as confidential by the surgeon, which is the basic professional ethics.
Question 5: Hypnosis is to be implied, it is not just what is not assertive or firm who will not, or those with low cultural level of the quality of the talent level will not be hypnotized?
A: The causes of hypnosis very complex phenomenon, suggesting that only one factor, not the whole story. Hypnotic susceptibility is a normal psychological characteristics are available, so it is not just weak-minded person would be hypnotized; the same time, according to the latest academic hypnosis research, hypnosis phenomenon of the first level is the material level – the brain nervous system; the second level is the acceptance of individual mental activity. From this, the more easily accept that people are often hypnotic brain systems that function in good condition, psychological functioning, efficient and sensitive high, so the more often we can see the high educational level, mental quality, a keen sensitivity The more people can benefit from hypnosis, but too young children and the elderly and aging over the life of low intelligence, who have poor functional status of brain systems is difficult to be hypnotized.
Question 6: hypnosis on mental health will have an adverse impact?
A: Hypnosis itself is a very safe and therapeutic techniques of psychological adjustment, as long as the performer and standards, will not have a negative impact on mental health. Even felt unwell after hypnosis, hypnosis can also be lifted next, by patients who will not leave “troubles.” Of course, due to the special nature of hypnosis in the implementation of hypnosis, especially with psychotherapy and hypnosis training content, should be trained and have practical experience in the implementation of hypnosis hypnotist

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