a small Acne on a face

2010-12-28 at 04:26 am hugege

When the acne to take in:


May be an inappropriate use of skin care products and cleaning was not clean enough and pay attention just fine!


Huo representative of the heart, blood circulation problems, heart may be too labor La Tortura; also on behalf of poor liver detoxification function, that is, accumulate in the body of the toxins. This period of your bad temper, we should get more sleep, drink plenty of water, reduce consumption of alcoholic beverages.

A pot of chrysanthemum tea, help to detoxify, the respiratory system diseases and respiratory sensitivity will also help.

Bridge of the nose

There may be problems with the spine, quick to find doctors. In addition, excessive secretion of oil, water scarcity are also major factors.

Drink plenty of water, more absorption of vitamin B2, B6 can also improve symptoms; or in a hot water drip 2 drops of chamomile essential oil, the first face steam 3 minutes, to be used after the water wash, oil production will improve the nose excessive worries.


Long in the nose, was the stomach Huo-wang, or digestive abnormalities. If the long sides of the nose, it is possible with ovarian function, or the reproductive system, fast to find doctors.


Poor metabolism, appears near the nose blackheads, fine lines and skin breakdown, the use of baby oil or two drops of chamomile oil massage plus one, there will be good results.


Abnormal lung function may be. Smokers often cheeks swollen capillaries burst of these phenomena, it is because lack of oxygen so the skin.

Solution? Quit it!


Peeling lips, take the acne, ulcers and other phenomena that you need more absorption of vitamin B2 or vitamin B was.


Mouth burst with iron deficiency may be related to eating apples, liver is a good choice.


That impaired renal function, or endocrine system disorders. Girls around the chin acne is not transferred may be caused because of menstruation.

Lymphatic drainage massage can help improve the situation, like self-massage is: pat chin back with your fingers, or finger flick neck position, there will be little help. In addition, the jasmine tea menstruation and to strengthen the uterine health, pass through the blood of the health effects.

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