What are the job skills for staying up all night?

2010-12-27 at 05:15 am hugege

Burn the midnight oil, but also have the skills to continue good health. Otherwise, the iron in the body, but also worked hard day and night, so can not stand it! So, you want to stay up all night, do remember:

1, not instant noodles to fill the stomach, so as not to anger too. The best possible fruit, toast, bread, zhou dishes to eat.

2, start late at night before, to a group of nutritional vitamin B pills. Vitamin B can relieve fatigue, enhance the body resistance to stress.

3, refreshing drinks, the best green tea-based, can be refreshing, but also to eliminate excess free radicals in the body, allowing you to refreshing. But the gastrointestinal bad, the best to drink tea, medlar flood damage, you can extract, but also eyesight too!

4, the former always remember staying up remover, or first wash my face clean, avoid the thick layer of powder or oil, in the torment of staying up late, the trigger face acne.

5, after staying up late, do remember that at noon the next day nap.

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