Tips for preparing for college entrance examination: brain, relieve stress and fatigue

2010-12-27 at 05:10 am hugege

South Reuters: the process of college entrance examination in the calendar year, there are often candidates for heart rate, body shaking, mind blank, hand chattered, asthma it hard, cranky and so on. In the college entrance exam, students emotional anxiety caused by failure of the situation is not uncommon for college entrance. The state of play spot disorders, psychology, called “Competitive syndrome”, commonly known as “stage fright.” This disease is due to excessive mental fatigue, coupled with the consumption of physical, mental stress induced by a high degree. Especially sprint before the college entrance examination, so that some candidates too early into the spirit of the physical “than super area”, one on the examination room, the spirit of a pressurized, difficult for them to support the live, it will burst into “competitive syndrome.”

“Competitive syndrome” is not terrible, it is important that effective prevention and early treatment. Should first build self-confidence, self-confidence inspire the human spirit, full of energy to make the efforts more effective. Traditional Chinese medicine: “God, who is also flesh.” Talk about the human spirit is strong or not, and the blood has a direct relationship, but also depends on the strong blood nourishment Mizutani. In addition, physical exercise is essential, which is to enhance the mental health law. Morning to do exercise, both stretch the body, can also boost brain power, so that the brain absorb the vitamin in the air (ie, negative ions).

Here are a self-massage, which can effectively alleviate the stress and brain fatigue. Is: hands alternately rubbing the scalp, shaking his head from front to back to do the action, and then rubbing the temples with both hands, thumb, clockwise counterclockwise the number of times, rub your hands after doing eye exercises. If there is exam candidates usually nervous, but on their own they can not reverse the regulation of various pathological conditions, may wish to go to hospital for ear exam beans in the treatment. Auricular acupressure can adjust the sleep, ease the spirit bear

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