Reflect the adverse cosmetic What are the main problems?

2010-12-27 at 05:11 am hugege

A: This adverse reaction, several types can occur.

First, some cosmetics, some harmful things inside will cause irritation, manifested as skin redness, burning discomfort;

Second, allergic reactions, this reaction is used for a few days later, skin redness, some small rash, and even edema;

Third, can be absorbed through the skin into the body after, a series of system symptoms.

Why cosmetics cause adverse reactions in the end?

A: The ingredients of cosmetics inside some special additives. Poisoning or adverse reactions caused by cosmetics, the real culprit is mercury, lead, arsenic and other heavy metals. Us for mercury, lead, arsenic awareness is certainly not enough when you look at select cosmetics, cosmetics beauty seems to be attracting attention to appearance, did not notice its real nature. Another example preservatives, colors, number of enzymes and heavy metals, can cause adverse reactions, the most important is the contamination of heavy metals.

Health Tip:

Cosmetics raw materials, basic raw materials: resin, protein, starch, oil

Special additives: preservatives, fungicides, vitamins, enzymes, pigments and so on.

Excessive mercury in cosmetics can cause the body other than those in addition to what issues will arise?

A mercury exceeded the harm to human body: 1 cause depigmentation; 2, skin irritation; 3, causing skin damage; 4, resulting in the accumulation of the body, causing the body to a variety of adverse reactions, the most important is the central nervous system such as insomnia, fatigue, poor memory, especially the mood changes are very obvious.

Lead to problems posed by what body?

A lead is harmful to the skin in addition to outside influence, it will result in the performance of neurasthenia, the other after absorption, digestive system will have some symptoms, such as constipation, loss of appetite no appetite, severe, then there may be damage to liver function .

Arsenic on the human body?

A lot of arsenic toxicity is, if the absorption of poisoning after using it, arsenic can also lead to a change in the nervous system, as well as a number of changes in peripheral nerves, such as numbness in the hand, going wrong limb weakness, pain and other symptoms, skin There may be changes on the black pigment of calm.

What is black and change?

A. From a medical point of view, it is called melanosis. In fact, it is the color of the skin color changed from normal gray or gray brown, and some bad cosmetics, the skin gradually turns red and black. This is mainly the use of some heavy metals and other harmful substances, and it there is another role for the skin, can induce skin tumors, skin cancer caused by arsenic poisoning after the incidence is also high.

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