Mercury, lead, arsenic and adverse reactions ,what are caused by the body

2010-12-27 at 05:14 am hugege

First, the central nervous system:

Neurasthenia, headache, dizziness, weakness, sweating, dreams, insomnia, memory loss, mood swings, impatience, irritability.

Second, other changes in the system:

Horny black change, rough, skin cancer,

Oral: loose teeth, gingival recession

Liver damage

Loss of appetite, liver pain, bloating, constipation, elevated liver enzymes,

Proteinuria, kidney damage

Ma going wrong hands peripheral neuropathy, pain in the limbs

You may not believe that explanation, cosmetics are chemical compounds, although there are landscaping features, but is also essential that the number of harmful substances. In cosmetics, whitening due to the need to increase the effectiveness of the added mercury, lead, arsenic and other chemicals. Arsenic on protein and amino acids all have a strong affinity of mercury is the only liquid form at room temperature, the existence of the metal. Because of its special physical properties, showing the characteristics of easily absorbed by living organisms, long been used for various types of skin lightening products. We see an organization chart of the skin, cosmetics you use every day is absorbed by the skin, to the dermis, and finally to the subcutaneous tissue. Those metal chemical elements, but also into the body. After oxidation, volatile toxic effect to the detriment of the human body organs. They may be compounds of these elements and their content. With our naked eyes it is difficult to see out. Even exceeded several times, only a little pungent smells. Therefore, long-term use of such cosmetics, will have a stimulating effect on the human skin. Cause considerable harm.

What are the current means of detection?

A: The use of cosmetics should be avoided during the first three non-product, which is the premise. Also in the process of using cosmetics, if uncomfortable, you can go to the hospital, to a specialist, such as occupational diseases to the Department Director Wang there, a metallic mercury, lead, arsenic testing of these detection methods. If you are allergic to some ingredients inside, you can go to the dermatologist and the use of cosmetics used, we can help you detect is not allergic to such cosmetics, or other cosmetics to the outside world you are allergic or allergic to what extent the future. Can be detected

What kind of person should go to test it, is not as adverse reactions just mentioned, when?

A: From the perspective of the skin, if the time fixed in a cosmetic, with relatively long time, just like the Director Wang said, may not reflect the early stage, but it has been absorbed into the body through the skin. That it produces is primarily a symptom of the system, nervous system, central nervous system, you may have some period of time recently the emergence of a sub-health state of the performance, dizziness, sleep well, then you should look at testing to see if it is a cosmetic issue caused by this.

Health Tip:

First, do not use unqualified cosmetic, cosmetics market, variety, assortment, how to choose safe and effective products, every woman of great concern should be to prevent low-quality counterfeit cosmetics

Second, make-up remover before sleep, busy day, although the body is already very tired, the beauty of women can not be lazy, should learn to care for their skin, until four in the water, we must remember that thoroughly remove makeup.

Third, women should be pale lipstick

Many women will, if not fancy lipstick, mouth, after the main ingredient is lanolin, but it is likely to cause allergic reactions, such as chapped lips and mucous membranes, peel, rub lipstick for health should be short,

Fourth, if necessary, for detoxification treatment

Risk whitening, speckle need to be cautious, love beautiful women who once found himself the use of cosmetics may cause poisoning, should immediately go to hospital, the hospital is mainly present in urine by drip method. The body of toxins excreted through the urine and reduce levels of toxic metals in the body. So that the cosmetics poisoning patients back to health.

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