How intractable a good treatment for rheumatoid

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“Rather die”, then rheumatoid

Rheumatism is widely recognized difficult disease, according to the World Health Organization for patients suffering from rheumatism and disabled up to 400 million people each year in China alone there are rheumatism, rheumatoid patients with 200 million people, and there is one-tenth of critically ill patients. Nearly 1 million older persons in a large team, the bone and joint disease in at least 5,000 people or more. We often see some people got rheumatism, the negative and pessimistic not actively treated, so that disease progression. Disability in rheumatoid arthritis 5-10 years 60%; 30 years, 90% disability.

Rheumatism, called the “rheumatic diseases.” It includes all the erosion involving the musculoskeletal system and comprehensive body of a class of connective tissue diseases, such as joints, muscles, tendons, bursa and so on. It is mainly pain, swelling as the main performance, it is difficult to overcome the “intractable disease,” the medical profession by the world known as “die of cancer.”

Therapy of rheumatism

Current clinical treatment of rheumatic drugs are medicine, Chinese medicine, external plasters and so on.

Western medicine, to analgesics, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory-based, the medicines are mainly symptomatic treatment, the treatment can not be fundamentally, and on the intestines, stomach, kidney side effects, can cause stomach and duodenal ulcers; The hormone, long-term use can cause osteoporosis, osteonecrosis; external strapping class, use the inconvenience, long-term use causes skin irritation and ulceration, and only symptomatic treatment, would delay the timing of patient treatment. Physical therapy is only a partial release, did not eliminate the root cause from the body, will also delay treatment, in which patients lose the best treatment opportunity.

New rule Rheumatology

1, two-way treatment Liquor

What is a medicinal active ingredient formulation and its treatment of the disease and the relationship. Small amount of alcohol itself can collaterals and cold, have some effect on rheumatism, to drugs Angelica, Aconitum and other ingredients to better achieve the effect of the treatment of rheumatism, wine line the drug of potential drugs by disease. Liquor circulation rate in the human body and can reach the site, everyone knows, while the wine is a good solvent, water-soluble components can be co-soluble and fat-soluble components into it, to achieve better results. So effective, amazing.

2, Winter Disease

To seize the best treatment time, the insistence of cruel treatment. For the treatment of rheumatism, the best treatment period should be within six months of onset, a finding that timely and effective measures to take an active, systematic, comprehensive, reasonable and effective, and consistent efforts to treat, easy recovery; better treatment period is summer, because in the summer, the human skin, hair, loose Cou, blood vessels filled with the high metabolism, out, hot and humid in the form of cold evil, with drugs for the attack, more likely to cure the disease out evil spirits: even in the years The cold damp evil, despite the Evils deep, more susceptible to evil of the table, or even cured. Moreover, more than most of the summer of rheumatic disease in patients with stable (non-inducing and stimulating factors), it is relatively less. Therefore, experts advise you to be a thorough treatment of rheumatism, one must have faith, have determined the second and third to seize the opportunity, cruel and perseverance are essential. Avoid fits and starts network, severe pain of the rule, and the pain is not bad (not yet cured disease) died the time being, rid of it and stopped, when the good is difficult to cure disease, this self-deception, money did not end spend less, no less running the hospital, patients are increasing day by day, doing harm to themselves, their families suffer. Early detection, early diagnosis and early treatment. Either spend less, and reducing pain. When circumstances change or the health of a body part was abnormal symptoms should seek medical treatment as soon as possible, which is to protect their health points. If the joints, muscles, bones, etc. acids, hemp, swollen, heavy, pain and other symptoms, should seek medical treatment as soon as possible, for examination, diagnosis, early treatment. According to the data report: incidence of the first 2 years if not treated properly, 90% of the joint operation will be effective in the treatment of further development to maximize the control of disease, prevent joint damage caused by deformation of disability, in the treatment of a multiplier effect on the play.

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