For night owl how to eat?

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Night owl, the first thought is to drink coffee or tea refreshing, nutritionists said, caffeine does make people spirits.

However, the U.S. St. Luke’s Hospital (St.Luke ‘sHospital) Sleep Medicine Research Center, was found to enhance the efficiency of caffeine is not necessarily valid, even useful, but also to maintain only a short time.

Although caffeine refreshing, relative body will consume and nerve and muscle coordination of the vitamin B group, a lack of vitamin B groups would have been tired more easily, are more likely to form a vicious cycle, to develop a drunk tea, drunk coffee habits, needs increasing the amount, the effect is getting worse. Therefore, we must stay up all night, the more to add more vitamin B group, but more effective.

Stay up all night, someone that can add calories to eat sweets, sweets in fact, is staying up late taboo. After dinner, or late at night, do not eat too many sweets, although the high-calorie high-sugar, though exciting to some extent, but it will consume vitamin B group, resulting in negative effects, it tends to lead to obesity.

Overall, stay up all night to prevent health still depends on the diet must be balanced intake of 6 types of food. But in order to stay up late, eat dinner foods rich in vitamin B group, it is absolutely necessary! Many members of B group vitamins, including folic acid, niacin, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, etc., they are not only involved in metabolism, provide energy, protect nerve cells, stability and nerves, relieve anxiety and is also helpful.

Dark green leafy vegetables and legumes are rich in folate, helps cells repair, prevention of infection and anemia; liver, fish, whole grains, soy foods, fruits and vegetables have vitamin B6, or niacin, can maintain the skin health, slow aging; As with memory, concentration on vitamin B12, in red meat, milk, eat cheese obtained.
Reference: Transfer from Xinhua News Agency Region of: aphorism

Recommended therapeutic approach to alleviate the fatigue of five
With the accelerated pace of life, its labor intensity and stress people are likely to feel tired. Even after seven days of holiday, many people go to work and still feel very “tired.” The following five recommendations to the therapeutic method of the majority of users to alleviate fatigue.

1. Zaoren lotus porridge

Material: Suanzaoren 10 grams, lotus 20 grams, 20 grams medlar, rice and rice 100 grams.

Method: Wash with water co-porridge, sugar may be appropriate.

Role: the nerves, Bunao.

2. Wolfberry sheep brain

Raw materials: a sheep brain, medlar 30 grams. Method: Wash the sheep brain and wolfberry served in a bowl, add appropriate amount of diced green onion, ginger, cooking wine, salt, on the steaming pot, of the shape of “bean curd.”

Role: brain, body fatigue nursed back to health.

3. Astragalus chicken

Ingredients: 30 grams of astragalus, 15 grams of dried tangerine peel, cinnamon 12 grams, a rooster.

Method: Chinese with gauze wrap, and the cock into the pot, a small fire Dunshu, salt, seasoning, meat soup.

Role: nursed back to health body fatigue, physical strength decrease.

4. Ginseng rice porridge

Ingredients: 10 grams of ginseng, yam, rice, 50 grams of brown sugar amount.

Practice: first ginseng into thin slices, and rice, common yam porridge, porridge cooked add brown sugar, while the temperature taking, day 1.

Role: This porridge with replenishing vital energy, fatigue, cardiac and other effects.

Note: High blood pressure, fever patients should not be served.

5. Eel Hill Porridge

Material: 1 live eel, yam, rice, 50 grams amount of various spices.

Method: eel cut open to internal organs, slicing into the bowl, add cooking wine, ginger, onions, salt and mix thoroughly, and yams, rice porridge taken together, day 1.

Role: This porridge with blood pairs make strengthening sinews and bones, often taking the porridge, can reduce fatigue.

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