Family of self-care stay up all night

2010-12-27 at 05:16 am hugege

Living in the hectic modern society, people who did not survive the night is lucky man. Late at night causes the body’s normal rhythm disorder, on the vision, gastrointestinal and sleep are affected. So, who often stays up late how self-care it?

Most of those who stay up all night to do paperwork or frequently operating a computer, fighting hard in the dim night light is easy to make eye muscle fatigue, decreased vision. Beijing Hospital, Ministry of Health in charge of nutrition nutritionist Li Changping doctor told reporters, vitamin A and vitamin B on the prevention of visual impairment have some effect, vitamin A may regulate photoreceptor material – the synthesis of visual purple, can improve the dim light workers to stay up all night to adapt, to prevent visual fatigue. So to eat carrots, leeks, eels and other foods rich in vitamin A and vitamin B-rich lean meat, fish, liver and other animal foods.

Furthermore, it should be appropriate to add calories, eat some fruit, vegetables and protein foods such as meat, eggs, etc. to supplement the physical exertion, but do not about having to Mengchi. Li Changping doctor that, eat some peanuts, almonds, cashews, walnuts and other dried foods, which are rich in protein, vitamin B, vitamin E, calcium and iron and other minerals, and vegetable oils, and cholesterol levels low, the restoration of physical have a special effect.

In addition to diet and work hard, stay up physical exercise to strengthen the family. Stay up all night in the low energy or if they feel sleepy, while it should be done about gymnastics or to outdoor activities. As late at night will take up the normal sleep time, so, may wish to play it by ear in the supplementary sleep. The following class home, eyes closed a moment in the car, or in units of the lunch break for a little while for his afternoon nap and so arranged, restore physical strength, so spirits.

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