What measures should be taken in summer to protect health?

2010-12-26 at 03:24 am hugege

Summer diet should be light, dampness with heat effects can eat foods such as mung bean porridge, lotus leaf porridge, red bean porridge, etc., or with melon and lotus leaves, total barley soup drink. To many windows open for ventilation.

Summer day short night, many people sleep late, get up late, the clock disrupted. Only to ensure adequate sleep in order to maintain the normal operation of the function of the body. Summer sleep health should conform to the laws of nature, yin yang. Get up early, take a nap, you can make up for lack of sleep. Recommends that adults 7 hours a day to ensure high-quality sleep.

Summer food should not be fed, Qi Bafen full to eat normally, but be sure to pay attention to comprehensive and balanced manner with nutrition. In addition, high summer temperatures, leftovers susceptible to bacterial contamination, so fresh food is best eaten fresh; raw fruits, peeled should be washed; knife used for cutting cooked food, the board wants to cut raw meat separate from lettuce . At the same time, to the water, increasing the intake of trace elements and vitamins.

Summer still adhere to the appropriate amount of exercise, but should not exercise in the sun, to replenish moisture. 1 hour after a meal and then exercise, exercise should not be too severe, you can choose walking, jogging, swimming and other sports.

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