What are the health effects of staying up late?

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Whether because of work or forced to stay up late studying, or because of self-indulgent youth, and stay up all night throwing waves. And smoking, staying up late too, unhealthy. We therefore appeal to as much as possible not to stay up late, stay up all night if the family has become a last resort, to be more adequate nutrient intake to protect themselves, to stay up all night to minimize the damage to the body.

Stay up all night what exactly constitutes harm to health? In fact, not enough research. However, partners need to work night shifts round often complain that “the body deteriorates,” it is an indisputable fact. There is sufficient evidence that long-term stay up late will affect the immune system. For the work at night need to round the medical report by the group showed abnormal liver function is also the ratio of higher than average. And people often stay up all night, feel really old faster than the average person. Also stay up adrenaline and other hormones family than the common high-volume, increased pressure to metabolism, the probability of adult suffering from chronic diseases also increased.

So stay up family should pay attention to the nutritional intake of two parts, one part is how to protect his own body, the other part is how to work at night to maintain the best condition.

Nutritional supplement when staying up late

How to maintain the immunity, protect the liver function was late at night should be aware of the family. If you stay up all night to stare at a computer screen, but also to protect their eyesight, see this site Family & bilberry computer topics. Stay up family of vitamin A, B group, C, E will increase the demand. If inadequate, will increase the feeling of fatigue and increase the health of wear.

Need to stay up late in the evening, dinner should eat foods rich in vitamin B group, such as whole grains, liver, lean meat, beans and fresh fruits and vegetables. If you want late night, you can also foods containing vitamin B, such as the addition of yeast milk, yogurt, whole wheat bread as the main. When necessary, nutrition supplements, or chewing sugar familiar with TSC and health factors (including vitamin B). Chicken is also mentioned in the literature to speed up the metabolism, increase work efficiency. In response to the incremental secretion of adrenaline and other hormones, it should be noted that adequate vitamin C intake. As refreshing commercially available oral solution, the main ingredient is vitamin B, C, caffeine, such as traditional Chinese medicine ingredients, have a certain effect, but is not recommended to drink every day, in order to avoid dependency.

Cheat your body,

Caffeinated drinks are a favorite family stay up all night, sweets, biscuits, Western fast food is also high calorie food common family stay up all night, “nutritional supplements”, but they can only be a temporary pick-me-or to increase blood glucose concentrations. And the consumption of these foods will accelerate the body’s vitamin B group. Too much caffeine will stimulate the nerves and adrenaline secretion, which consumes the body of vitamin B group.

Lack of vitamin B group, metabolism “oil ring true,” the situation appeared, but more easily fatigued, affect efficiency. Some people will drink more coffee, but a vicious cycle. So we have to figure out what is called the fill body? What is called the body lie? Attention to balanced nutrition and adequate vitamin B group is to make the body; smoking, chewing betel nuts and too much caffeine is out and out lie to the body.

Humans are not nocturnal animals, staying up late is the violation of the law practice of biological, health, the damage is a necessary punishment. Xiao great beauty even care products used and can not stay up late to make up for damage caused by aging and health. Can not stay up late or do not stay up all night now! If you need a last resort at night, it’s best to sleep the next day to make up. When manufacturers make dark sleep environment (such as wearing goggles) for improving the quality of sleep, especially with its positive effects.

Massage movement to protect the liver

Adhere to the “sick to see doctors, health on their own,” the chairman of the Chinese Society of Qigong Science Changxin Wu believes that the modern busy work, often work late at night on weekdays, care should develop the habit of the liver, such as living normal, feel relaxed and do some simple liver massage movement. And pay attention to their physical condition at any time, if not early treatment.

A. Liver massage movement
Hands rub.
Within three points with both hands, is on the milk slowly into the bottom of the ribs about 2 to 3 cm.
This point in the liver, more massage can help conserve the liver.
Note: The general strength can be, not particularly hard.

————————————————– ——————————

B. embrace of the type of liver movement
Hold hands crossing the chest, left hand out.
Turn left up the body slowly, deep breathing until you can not suck up; and then slowly exhaled.
Right to reverse the body do it again.

————————————————– ——————————

C. liver acupressure
In addition, usually more pressing may also be in charge of the liver, the lower edge of the little finger palm prominent lateral muscles (hypothenar).

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