the foreskin is too long,what can I do?

2010-12-26 at 03:11 am hugege

“Men want to protect their genitals, care of their genitals.” And to impose the measures to bolster the growth and development, maintenance of their health forever approach.
Therefore, health care way to understand people who invented the qigong technique, the qigong exercises, relax your hands, along the shoulder, arm, wrist, air conductivity, and then guided yin and yang in the abdominal exercise, abdominal its potential as stroke . Air conductivity, we must first exhaust stale breath, and then absorb the essence of heaven and earth mining pick, so that would allow the essence of heaven and earth angry with the genitals of consistency, so that the two forged. Yam nutritious diet again, to nurture each child as well (the baby) as well curing Yam, Yam function of the curing was complete strong.

In sexual intercourse activities, the more men can keep a clear head, the more will not easily semen; In contrast, in sexual intercourse activities, men more excited, the more the mind “hot”, it is easy to “rush trouble”, it is fast semen. Activities in the intercourse of men, if not control themselves, fastening off fine, but too much semen is detrimental to the health of the. Mining the female yin access into the room through the penis, has been guided through the abdomen to the brain activity ideas, perspective view of modern medicine, in fact, do is to shift attention to the brain, the brain apparently to clear (or more sober) to will not be too “hot”, the mood will not get too excited, it is conducive to curb semen consolidate fine customs, would not “rush trouble”, and soon semen. Therefore, this mining activities is conducive to vaginal health.

Adult males, especially married men, long-term no sexual life, sexual desires are not forced to meet the long-term depression, the disorder is entirely likely to suffer from impotence, and loss of sexuality. The result of long-separated spouses, sexual desire disorder by the repression of people suffering from impotence, the junior officers in the army and the soldiers, the workers, especially maritime, petroleum, mining and other industry workers; among intellectuals, in particular, the young intellectuals, is everywhere.

Prepuce can cause a variety of diseases, development of the penis should be removed as soon as possible.

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