Pay attention to the night market to buy coconut peeling

2010-12-26 at 03:19 am hugege

I was overseas in Thailand, the day before yesterday with a group of friends to teach a night market in Taiwan, Thailand, see vendors selling coconut peeling, a forty yuan, three one hundred dollars. Friends of people want to buy drink, and saw sales cut with a knife coconut Arbor hole cut and ready to insert a straw.

I suddenly remembered that in Thailand, the Government has to ban the installation of the peeling coconut syrup. So I check all the coconut cave, found that all are labeled with dough, that these may be recycled coconut shells, into sugar, and then skinned to supplement the hole, repeated trafficking. Because it is reloading, it is inevitable that suspicion of health problems. I questioned the spot, said the old Arbor without his knowledge. I said, since you not know, why pretend to cut the hole? Simply on the hole with a finger poke.

In Thailand, the government banned, this scam is no longer occurred, did not think it exists in the more advanced Taiwan. Hope this article can arouse the attention and ban the units, but also want people to pay attention.

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