Drink lemon juice to improve osteoporosis

2010-12-26 at 03:18 am hugege

Office workers often eat out, because fruits and vegetables, vitamin C intake is more a lack of the long run is detrimental to health, how do experts suggest that home remedies can drink lemon juice to add.

With the same respect for the people of Taiwan “to fight will win” the Japanese, the top few people and Taiwan is very similar to the cause of death, according to Japan’s Ibaraki Christian University, Department of Life Sciences Professor Hiroshi Itakura weight that does not put aside the number one cancer talk, in fact, the second, three total cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, far more than of cancer mortality, therefore, due to arterial wall thickening of the blood vessels narrowing or loss of elasticity of the atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease as the base plate is the biggest killer of human life generally.

In particular, many office workers, eating high-calorie, high fat diet, plus physical and psychological pressure is so big, and the exercise was inadequate, resulting in chronic cardiovascular disease that more and more the trend. According to his research, prevention of these diseases is the first step to start improving the diet begins. He suggested that eating antioxidant inhibits free radical with lemon is a good choice; In addition, if the issues calcium deficiency and osteoporosis who can drink lemon juice, also be improved. Families with per leaf also pointed out that the area in the south of Italy, rich lemon, local people will use any lemon flavor dishes, making all the body where the elderly are very strong, clear-eyed, and some even said: “In my dictionary These two words are not tired “, so she suggested it might be office workers usually lemon juice in the refrigerator, add a little water when thirsty, or tea when the water to drink, the body is many advantages.

Few grains of a young man eating grapefruit Zengyin be sick without medication, chairman of the high-Mei Tengjiao, although it is more than 80 years old, but still very tough physically strong, he said, is to eat with VITA
Ordered C-rich lemon, grapefruit citrus fruit.

Lemon based on the human body blood circulation, and attract calcium, very helpful, lemon Moreover, the price are not expensive, so buy a bunch of office workers with dignity, health food, might as well eat something that economic advantages, cost-effective not only damage the health.

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