What should I pay attention to my wife pregnant

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The first three months of pregnancy, is the embryonic period of rapid development, but also tended to form organs, an important period of the system, therefore, to strengthen this period, health care, help after normal fetal development.

1, early pregnancy to guard against cold, heat and various types of viral infection. The virus can occur fetal congenital cataracts, deafness, heart and neural tube defects, miscarriages and so on. Therefore, early stages of pregnancy should be less to go to public places from infection.
2, rational use of drugs during early pregnancy, liberally students point of view, with any drugs during pregnancy is ideal, because the first three months of pregnancy, especially in the first eight weeks, the fetal organs are at the stage of differentiation, some drugs can pass through the placenta barrier into the fetus, affecting their development, and even can lead to deformity. To medication, the doctor must be guided by the best doctors in the obstetrics and gynecology use.

3, to maintain ease of mind and increased attention to nutrition. Pregnancy, psychological, physiological changes will occur, pregnant women should pay attention to adapt and overcome them, otherwise, have a negative impact on fetal development, so the family members to care, caring women, increase nutrition is one of them. Only the adequate nutrition of pregnant women, fetal development can supply all the necessary nutrients to meet their increased due to pregnancy, all the nutritional requirements. Nutrition, not only the occurrence of complications such as anemia, edema, pregnancy-induced hypertension syndrome, but also a variety of complications occur, such as intrauterine growth retardation and so on.

4, to avoid ray examination and treatment. Obviously because of radiation teratogenicity, and embryo and fetus to radiation and more sensitive, early pregnancy should be absolutely prohibited, to the third trimester of pregnancy, about 36 weeks later, the required chest X-ray examination to be carried out.

5, to avoid engaging in hazardous work. Some poisons such as lead, mercury, pesticides and so on, through the placenta and affect fetal development or cause miscarriage, premature birth, stillbirth, birth defects and so on. Therefore, female workers engaged in hazardous work after pregnancy, should be timely exchange trades.

6, not addicted to alcohol and tobacco. Pregnant women smoking or smoke-filled environment, often in easily lead to fetal growth retardation, or premature birth, or abortion, or teratogenic, therefore, advised pregnant women and their husbands, not smoked during pregnancy. The excessive amount of alcohol, fetal alcohol may occur, causing poor intellectual development of the fetus and other serious consequences.

The first 3 months of pregnancy, joy, tension and discomfort coexistence of 3 months. In 3 months, our Bulletin boards will be changed? What kinds of symptoms? What aspects of life need to pay attention? How to make baby feel at ease in the stomach afford to live … …
Summary of early pregnancy

In early pregnancy (first 1-3 months of pregnancy), the mother of the basal body temperature maintained at a high level. Because hormonal changes, your mood may be emotional, often over little things but not happy; the same time, a variety of early response may also disrupt the lives of your original, so that your mood has become worse. However, all this will be slowly getting better.

In the first 3 months of pregnancy, how your body does not change significantly, as you look and ordinary women. For you, you do not have to see themselves as a special person to look at, usually eat whatever you want, do fun things, and forget the uncomfortable; not feeling to lie down and rest; try to keep your original pace of life so that they are more calm and relaxed.

It is worth recalling that the first 3 months of pregnancy is most likely to lose the baby of 3 months, in order to keep the baby, the mother’s every move must be extra careful.

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