The general standard of mental health

2010-12-25 at 07:10 am hugege

Integrated various views, reference to real social life and people’s psychology and behavior, modern and young children’s psychological health standards should be considered from the following seven areas;
1. Normal intelligence
Intelligence is the ability to think at the core of the various cognitive and the sum of operating capacity, which is a measure of mental health of a person’s most important landmark. The normal level of intelligence is that people live, learn, work the most basic psychological conditions. Generally speaking, IQ of 130 or more, for the extraordinary; IQ of 90 or more, as normal; an IQ between 70-89, for the Asia often; IQ below 70, for mental retardation. Intelligence behind them difficult to adapt to social life, study or work hard to complete the task. Measure of a person’s intellectual development with their peers to compare the intellectual level, early detection and prevention of abnormal mental development. For example, the response to outside stimuli are too sensitive or retardation, perceptual hallucinations, delusions and so there are not normal intellectual performance.
2. Emotional moderate
Medium is the emotional mood is caused by the right reasons; the duration of emotional changes with changes in objective circumstances; emotional activities of the mainstream is happy, happy, stable. Some people think that happiness is like mental health, said the health body said the same accuracy. Moderate a person’s mood, it will make the whole in a positive state of mind and body, of all confidence and hope.
3. Will improve
The soundness of a person’s will, mainly in the quality of will, the will is a measure of the quality of mental health of the will of the standard by which the consciousness of action, determination and tenacity are an important symbol of the will of sound. Consciousness of action is the purpose of their actions have a proper understanding, can take the initiative to control their actions to achieve the desired objectives; decisiveness of action is good right from wrong, proper and prompt decision to take decisions and implement decisions; action tenacious sex is the decision to implement the decision-making process, to overcome difficulties and eliminate interference, the spirit of unremitting struggle.
Appropriate response is a major component of the will of sound, but also one of the external manifestations of mental health. Reaction shows that people behave appropriately coordinated with degrees, mainly as follows: awareness and behavior consistent with that practice what they preach; and acted reasonable and flexible; in the same or similar situations, behavioral responses consistent with context, not excessive, nor suddenly.
4. Personality unification
Personality refers to a person’s overall mental outlook, that is, the psychological characteristics of a certain sum of bias. The various features of personality is not isolated, but the combination into the interrelated whole, to regulate human behavior and control. If the coordination between the various components of human behavior is normal; if the imbalance, it will result in schizophrenia, resulting in abnormal behavior. Dual personality or multiple personality is a split personality performance. A person’s personality, once formed, to have relatively stable characteristics, therefore, the formation of a unified, coordinated, and the formation of a crippled personality, personality disorders, the nature of the psychological impact of development and mental performance is totally different.
5. Interpersonal harmony
Interpersonal harmony is an important criterion for mental health, mental health is also important to maintain one of the conditions. Interpersonal harmony specific performance: in interpersonal relationships, psychological compatibility, mutual acceptance, respect, rather than psychological phase g, mutually exclusive, belittling ; on human emotional sincerity, kindness, rather than indifference, sadistic, evil; to collective interests, care, dedication, and not putting the word private, selfish, and so on.
6. And social coherence
Mental health, should maintain good contacts with the society, knowledge society, understand the society, so that their thoughts, beliefs, goals and actions to keep up with the pace of development and social progress and development of coherence. If and social progress and development of the contradictions and conflicts, should be promptly adjust, amend or abandon their plans and actions, along the historical trend line, rather than escapism, pessimism, or arrogant, bent against the historical trend .
7. Psychological characteristics meet the age characteristics
One’s life, including different ages, each age have shown the psychological development of the appropriate quality characteristics, known as mental age characteristics. Psychological and behavioral development of a person, always with age and development and change. If a person’s awareness, emotional and verbal behavior and other psychological behavior of the basic characteristics consistent with his age, is the performance of mental health; if a serious deviation from the corresponding age characteristics, development lagged far behind or ahead, it is abnormal behavior, mental performance of healthy .

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