The first health food: tea, papaya, tomatoes, oranges, oranges, carrots

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Tea can enhance the resistance of bacteria
Tea will make you stay away from doctors. A new study suggests that tea contains theanine can increase a body’s resistance, the effect of the coffee are not available.
Published in the new issue of the U.S. “National Academy of Sciences,” the study said the United States Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School researchers found that in laboratory experiments, tea contains a substance that can make the immune system to attack invading bacteria, viruses and molds.

Papaya can enhance the immune system
World AIDS Research and Prevention Foundation, Jesus said, extracted from the fermentation of papaya juice can enhance human immunity against some viruses, including SARS, including, but there is still a lack of research in this area.
Montagnier said: “The papaya contains a number can improve the immune system and antioxidant substances. Although we do not have force of SARS patients to study the oxidation, but I think this is feasible.” Montagnier said he had to walk recommend this extract treatment of SARS patients in France.

Eat orange orange tomato may prevent disease
Improve their immune system is one of effective prevention of SARS in recent days, some pharmacies vitamins, ginseng increased sales. But medical experts have warned that taking these supplements will not be immediate, at least a week before they can be effective.
Experts, appropriate vitamin supplements, can enhance the immune system. Had better physical health by eating fruits, vegetables to absorb vitamins, now on the market sales of large tomatoes, strawberries, carrots, orange orange and so rich in vitamins.

Strengthening the immune system to eat carrots in spring
The data indicate that lack of vitamin A in children with respiratory diseases are a major incentive. Experts stress that a lack of vitamin A are likely to suffer from respiratory and gastrointestinal infections, once a cold or diarrhea, the level of vitamin A will decline further. A lack of vitamin A also reduces the body’s antibody response, resulting in decreased immune function. Vitamin A on the respiratory and gastrointestinal mucosal protective effect has been widely confirmed.
Vitamin A from food is safe and effective health practices, in many foods, most vitamin A when the number of carrots. To fully absorb the carotenoids, scientific and rational approach is to eat: carrots should be eaten after cooking to maintain their nutritional best cooking methods there are two points: First, the carrot cut block, add spices, the use of Fry in sufficient quantity; Second, the carrot cut into blocks, after adding spices, and pork, beef, mutton stew together with pressure cooker for 15-20 minutes. Carotene to oxidation, using a pressure cooker stew cooking can reduce the contact with air carrots, carotene preservation rate of up to 97%.

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