Taxi drivers should be how to protect their own health

2010-12-25 at 05:48 am hugege

For regular taxi driver, should always sedentary in the cab to the passage of time will result in lumbar disc herniation, indigestion, a variety of disease clusters, anorexia or general sense of the phenomenon is not enough to eat. In fact, this is the cab should be sedentary, lack of exercise, the main phenomena. Because people in a fixed position for a long time without frequent changes in state and over time, result in lumbar intervertebral prominent due to sedentary, while slowing down the bowel causing indigestion sedentary phenomena have occurred, over time will there beer belly, bloating, gas and other phenomena of physical discomfort. To prevent the occurrence of such phenomena, we should strengthen the training, such as pulling out some time after living out of the cab, extended stretch for a long time to be in a position to relax, do not immediately go into the car after dinner in the surrounding A few minutes walk everywhere, so that the stomach after a certain amount of body movement and enhance motility. Better when the sun should be appropriate to let the body out of the car thoroughly exposed to the sunlight, and enhance their own body resistance.

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