Students how to protect eyesight

2010-12-25 at 05:44 am hugege

Arrange work schedules, work and rest. Should be in continuous learning, watching TV, about 1 hour to the outside overlooking the 10-15 minutes to relieve eye muscle tension. If appropriate use of some drugs before going to sleep, such as “Double Star that” and so on to prevent the occurrence and development of myopia has a good effect.

Good reading and writing posture. Asked the first Masachika straight, eyes away from the book goes, fingers twenty-three cm from the tip, and so reduce the burden of eye muscles and delay fatigue.

Note eye protection. In the beginning of each semester the best, the last time of the inspection vision problems are discovered in time to the hospital. Need to wear glasses, it is best choice by cycloplegic refraction and good conditions after the high credibility of the unit, according to a doctor’s prescription for the production. To buy to meet the physical requirements of a qualified glasses, should not seek cheap, easy. In addition, the protection of eyesight eye exercises do have a good effect.

Balanced diet, active exercise, to improve resistance to disease.

Since the occurrence of myopia is a gradual process, students learn in their daily life to maintain good habits, and perseverance in order to achieve satisfactory results.

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