Public nutritionist

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* Occupational Definition

In nutrition guidance, nutrition and food safety knowledge dissemination, promotion of public health work professionals. Main tasks:

(1) to evaluate human nutritional status, management and guidance;

(2) for dietary assessment, management and guidance;

(3) nutritional assessment of food and formula;

(4) knowledge of nutrition counseling and missions.

Structural imbalance of nutrition deficiency and nutrition

National Nutrition and Health is a reflection of a country or regional economic and social development, health care level and an important indicator of population quality. Good nutrition and health status of both the social and economic development of the foundation, but also social and economic development.

With the sustained and rapid development of our national economy, over the past decade, China’s urban and rural residents diet, nutritional status has improved significantly, but at the same time, China is also faced with lack of nutrition and nutrition dual challenges of structural imbalance. Hypertension, diabetes, coronary heart disease with dietary and other diseases closely related to the increasing threat to people’s health, therefore, combined with the specific situation of food resources, nutrition work vigorously to guide and improve our residents to participate in our nutritional meals with a face a very urgent task.

Public dietitian is very important. He (she) had to deploy the public through scientific and rational diet and promoting people’s health and reduce the incidence of various chronic diseases, and nutritional knowledge of universal access by the whole society to raise awareness of national nutrition, physical fitness to achieve the objective of enhancing national .

Dietitians of lack 4,000,000

In the U.S., the treatment of patients who must have nutritionists involved. In Japan, for every 300 people to have a nutritionist, dietitian amount equal to 2.4 times the clinician. If the country’s total population, according to Japan’s proportion of dietitians, that for every 300 people with a nutritionist to projections, China’s lack of 4,000,000 nutritionist. Currently less than 4,000 people of dietitians, college nutrition does not have a dedicated professional, career-related professionals with this training does not meet the needs of society. Compared to developed countries, China in the nutrition professionals rather scarce.

China’s nutrition professionals are in short supply, public employment prospects are very bright nutritionist. Public health nutritionists and health groups can do for nutrition counseling and guidance. Public nutritionists can not only play an important role in the community, but also for employees, white-collar workers, senior managers, athletes, family education, counseling, guidance and other services.

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