Phase III: hawthorn, sea buckthorn, spiral bath, aloe, ginger, propolis, milk, soybeans

2010-12-25 at 05:29 am hugege

Comes to disease prevention, many experts advise people to enhance immunity. Good health or not, the immune system plays an important role. Playing enhance physical fitness. In addition to regular physical activity, other than to maintain psychological balance, a reasonable diet is also important. Here are a few could significantly enhance the immune function of the food.
Hawthorn: Hawthorn very popular, and its main function is to aid digestion, cardiovascular protection, lower blood pressure, blood lipids, anti-bacterial, weight loss, anti-tumor, removal of free radicals, strengthening the immune system.
Garlic: Garlic has anti-bacterial anti-inflammatory effect, can protect the liver, regulating blood sugar, cardiovascular protection, anti-high blood cholesterol and atherosclerosis, anti-platelet aggregation. Nutrition experts found that garlic extract has anti-tumor effect, the recommended daily raw garlic 3-5 grams.
Seabuckthorn: Seabuckthorn grows in the semi-hilly areas, rich in vitamin c content, promote the role of the hematopoietic system, can anti-fatigue, protect the digestive tract, scavenging free radicals, improve the vascular system and enhance immunity.
Spirulina: Spirulina protein content as high as printed% to 70%, biological value of 68%. Spirulina is rich in carrots, vegetarian, vitamin E and other vitamins, can improve the PH value of body fluids to correct acidic, so that the body is slightly alkaline, so as to enhance human immunity, and has anti-tumor, anti-HIV effect.
Aloe: Aloe and incense, garlic, onions, wild lily Liliaceae perennial herb belonging to the same, the main growth areas in the dry and hot, with a strong vitality, can be heat detox, laxatives, anti-inflammatory anti-bacterial, enhance immunity, but also Liver and skin care cosmetic can Huwei.
Ginger: is both a condiment and is nutrition, the main role is anti-clotting and blood cholesterol, stroke prevention. Sliced raw best.
Mushroom: Since ancient times, mushrooms have been known as the “elixir of life.” It has an excellent virus filtering effect of the body, Yunnan’s “mushroom hot pot feast” is a strong physical body Diet.
Propolis: Propolis can enhance human macrophage phagocytosis of bacteria the ability of viruses and bacteria, so that immune homeostasis in the best condition, known as the “natural immune enhancer.”
Milk and soy: milk and soy are all high protein foods, Lund University, Sweden Anders – Black Kenson research team found. Milk casein and egg white protein can enhance the respiratory tract and internal organs against infection, to prevent viruses and bacteria on the stick to the respiratory tract. Soybeans in the soy protein by the body to digest, absorb and utilize a high level. It can also constitute a body of milk protein antibodies.

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