Methods to improve the health of vision

2010-12-25 at 05:43 am hugege

Maintain adequate sleep, adequate rest your eyes do not look directly at bright light
Do eye exercises will be done ~ a child to school adhere to cook 3 times a day
Health as follows:
1: Tuosai hands, so that the eye press up, down, left and right turn in the order of 10 times, followed counter-clockwise, clockwise rotation of 10 times each.

2: Find a quiet place 10 meters away on the grass or trees: green because the shorter wavelength, the image on the retina before the eyes adjust to promote relaxation, ciliary muscle relaxation, to reduce eye fatigue. Do not squint, do not always blink of an eye, eliminate distractions, focus, concentrate the gaze 25 seconds, identifying the contours of grass or leaves. Then the left hand slightly higher than 30 cm in front of the eyes, one by one from start to finish to see the palm, about 5 seconds. Palm reading and then staring into the distance on the grass or leaves 25 seconds, and then look at palm. 10 minutes repeated 20 times, three times a day to do, decreased vision training to increase the number of powerful.

3: Take the sitting or supine can be, will be the natural closed eyes, followed by massage the acupuncture points around the eyes. Requirements acupoints accurately, playful way to a sense of soreness for the degree locally.

1. Knead days should point: thumb gently with both hands should point Rouan days (brow below the eyes at the outer corner).

2. Squeeze out points by eye: the thumb with one hand gently Rouan Jingming points (nasion Department at the inner canthus next two) first press down and then up the crowd

3. Knead four white point: the central part of the cheek with the index finger Rouan four white points (the lower edge of the orbit until the middle of the next cross fingers).

4. According to the temple, round eyes scratch: the temple with the thumb press (and the outer corner of the eye brow in the middle of a Wang pointed backwards), then Section II of the index finger flexion side of scuffing around the eyes, from inside the -> on the outside -> external next -> in the next, so save the bamboo fish eyes around the waist, an empty string and wind pupil Liao, ball, bearing weep and other points by massage. For the pseudo-myopia, or prevent the deepening of good degree of myopia

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