How to stay healthy?

2010-12-25 at 05:25 am hugege

First, ten human health standards?

1, energetic; 2, diligence and optimism; 3, sleep well; 4 and adaptable; 5, resistance to common diseases; 6, to maintain the standard weight; 7 and eyes; 8, teeth complete; 9, shiny hair; 10, muscle, skin elasticity.

Second, eight kinds of unhealthy behavior is what?

1, smoking; 2, drinking too much; 3, inappropriate medication (including not to take prescribed medicine); 4, the lack of regular physical exercise, or sudden excessive movement; 5, heat or high salt diet, diet unrestrained; 6, do not accept the scientific and reasonable health care; 7, on the social pressure to adapt to adverse reactions produced; 8, destroy biological rhythms of life.

Third, how to pay attention to physical exercise health?

Vary. 1, reasonable arrangements for sport and physical activity; 2, persistence, perseverance; 3, preparations to do before exercise, after exercise, not a lot of water; 4, after a meal should not be strenuous exercise.

Fourth, self-care methods are there?

1, strengthening the physical exercise; 2, to maintain a reasonable nutrition; 3, proper sleep and rest; 4, control, regulation bad mood; 5, prevention of mental stimulation; 6, health psychology training; 7, develop a good life and health habits; 8, early and timely treatment of disease.

Fifth, how to prevent cancer?

1, to avoid over-eating or constipation; 2, not to repeatedly eat the same food; 3, no smoking, no alcohol; 4, eat more vegetables and avoid overexposure to the sun; 5, control or eat pickles, do not eat too hot food; 6, reduce the deep-fried, smoked food, do not eat moldy food; 7, patterns of life, adequate sleep; 8, emotional stability, optimism.

Sixth, how to prevent high blood pressure?

1, no smoking, less drinking; 2, the control diet to prevent obesity; 3, low-salt diet, eat more vegetables; 4, moderate exercise, adequate sleep; 5, maintaining emotional stability, optimism.

Seven, how to prevent colds?

1, exercise, enhance physical fitness; 2, always open the window for ventilation; 3, change clothes with climate change; 4, patients are not stopping; 5, not in public places during flu epidemic.

Eight, what harm alcohol?

1, alcoholism; 2, induced gastritis, hepatitis, hypertension, heart disease; 3, a waste of money; 4, easy to accidents.

Nine, moderate alcohol consumption on the body What are the benefits?

1, stomach carminative, appetite; 2, fatigue; 3, help you to sleep.

Ten, what is a reasonable nutrition?

Refers to the type of dietary nutrients contained complete and sufficient quantity of the right proportion, and with the body’s need to maintain balance.

XI, rational nutrition principles?

1, food diversification; 2, with emphasis on three meals a day; 3, the food meat and vegetables, weight balance; 4, scientific cooking.

Second, the eight principles of what is cooking?

1, the main staple food colors; 2, less eat meat, many vegetarians; 3, less throwing leaves; 4, to understand the life of vegetables; 5, master cooking heat; 6, cover the lid; 7, and vegetables do not cut too broken; 8, select Health and utensils.

XIII, what good eating habits?

1, wash hands before meals and after; 2, eating regular meals; 3, do not eat rotten food; 4, do not eat too much; 5, do not drink.

Fourth, in what aspects of mental health?

1, the mental development is normal; 2, self-knowledge; 3, have good interpersonal skills; 4, and keep stable, optimistic and good mood.

Fifth, how to maintain emotional stability, happy?

1, happy life, love life; 2, meaningful life; 3, to do their own destiny; 4, the change as an opportunity to learn; 5, failing to panic; 6, full of self-esteem and sense of responsibility.

Sixteen, how to deal with all kinds of relationships?

1, does not mean and demanding on others; 2, treat people equally, reasonable manner, sincere enthusiasm; 3, do not fiddle with things non; 4, to improve mental resilience.

Seventh, too much sugar What is the harm?

1, inadequate nutrition; 2, the occurrence of dental caries; 3, leading to obesity; 4, fracturing; 5 induced cancer; 6, affect life expectancy.

XVIII room What are the requirements of Health?

1, the appropriate temperature and humidity; 2, lit; 3, ventilation, air cleaning; 4, quiet, clean, convenient.

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