How to protect kidneys

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Five points daily and kidney

All the time during the metabolism of the human body. Body continue to absorb various nutrients, and produce a series of human waste and hazardous substances do not need. Kidneys of these harmful substances excreted through the urine in order to regulate the body of water, electrolyte and acid-base balance and maintain normal life activities. Therefore, to maintain health, aging, should protect the kidney function, which is particularly important for middle-aged friends.
Drinking water daily to help the body more metabolic waste discharge will reduce the toxic substance concentration in the kidney, to avoid kidney damage. Fever in sick because of increased metabolic waste, will increase the production of toxic substances, this time in particular should be more water to help drainage.
. To prevent urinary tract infections the incidence of urinary tract infection and increased with age, particularly the elderly. This may be insufficient renal blood flow and the elderly, the decreased renal resistance. Male prostate hyperplasia, female pelvic disease and so prone to urinary tract infection, it should be promptly identified and active treatment. Clinical catheterization or indwelling catheter is often too easy to cause infection, and should be avoided as much as possible.
Drink plenty of water. Simple bar, 1.5-2.0 liters of water a day is a necessary prerequisite.

Eat less salt. Do not be so salty, eat more, “Cantonese” eat less “Shandong cuisine.” Less than 6 grams per day is appropriate.

Protein intake linked with their own weight every day to 1.1 grams per kilogram of body weight is appropriate.

Caution medicine. Particularly sulfa drugs, diuretics, kanamycin, streptomycin, neomycin polymyxa, painkillers.
Prevention of benign prostatic hyperplasia, also is to protect your “kidney” way.

Patterns of life, adequate sleep, but labor, heating and timely.

Once associated with “swollen eyelids,” “back pain”, “backache”, “urgency” “urination,” “frequent urination”, “fever of unknown origin” of 2 or more symptoms occur simultaneously, the correct diagnosis is love, “Kidney” a good expression.
Rub the hair rub the scalp method, you can clear the meridians, Bushen waist. Mount left and right hand alternately knead the scalp can be used early, middle and late 1 time, can prevent premature gray hair and old age vertigo, hair loss.

Call-in teeth and tooth close Guchi method kidney, kidney filling the teeth strong, often knocking the upper and lower teeth, good tooth root blood flow, delay tooth loss.

Pharyngeal swallow saliva method Tianjin Tianjin pharyngeal swallow saliva of the law with teeth, or practicing qigong knock combined daily frequency, time limitation. The more the better.

Ear drum-ming-day practice of law in two hands close to their ears, pressed the external auditory canal, and then flip the middle finger and index finger alternately head 2 times a day, each time more than 30 under, good for kidney and two on the input to the brain ear, ears and brain, prevent deafness tinnitus.
Massage springs Act feet with hot water before bedtime, and then rub his hands with each other heat, heart massage Zuxin hand, each under 100 or more, the power Qiangshen Yin Jiang Huo, virtual common in the elderly fever better.

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