How to make our own mental health

2010-12-25 at 07:07 am hugege

What is mental health? 1946, Third International Conference of Mental Health is defined as: mental health, refers to the physical, emotional intelligence and mental health with others is not inconsistent within the individual mind into the best condition. Specific performance: physical, mental, emotional well-coordinated; adapt to the environment, relationships with each other to humility; have happiness; in the work and career, can give full play to their abilities, have an efficient life.
In addition, people from different aspects to be explained. Some people think that mental health is efficient and pleasant environment can adapt; also suggested that mental health should be a positive, rich and sustained mental state, well adjusted in this state, with a vitality that can fully develop their physical and mental potential and not merely the absence of mental illness; Some people believe that manifestations of mental health for the enthusiasm, creativity and personality in an integrated and passionate action and good social adaptation. The more common view is that mental health is the ability to fully develop their full potential, and the proper handling and adaptation between people, between people and the relationship between social environment. Specifically, two meanings: First, compared with the vast majority of people, their mental function was normal and no mental illness; Second, to actively adjust their mental state, conform to the environment, can effectively and constructively improve personal life. Based on the above point of view, we believe that mental health refers to the individual in the process of adaptation to the environment, physiological, psychological and social aspects to achieve coherence, to maintain a good psychological functional status.

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